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3V1071.01 Correcting me: example of reasonably mature speech (12/28/80)

Peggy sits in the foyer by the stove, talking, reading to herself. When a
pause came on her speech, I asked, “Where’s my toddler ?” She
corrected me, “I didn’t say toddler,” I said “What’s going on there?”
I consider this an example of reasonably mature speech.


3V1071.02 Self-reference: [I’m feeding me. I won’t be any hungry more.]

Peggy picked up a box of raisins and remarked. “I’m feeding me. II
won’t be hungry more.”


3V1071.03 Sentences in juxtapositions with implications: [I won’t be hungry any
more. The raisens box.] (12/28/80)

As I closed the book, Peggy pointed to a white label on the cover.
“On the bookie, Mommy.” [I asked,] “Did you put that on there?”
[she replied,] “I licked it and I stuck it on it.”
As I wrote this, she said “I won’t be hungry any more. The raisins box.”
“Daddy, are we going to clean up and do a new experiment ?”


3V1071.04 Diminutives: bookie, cribbie, handie (12/28/80)

Bookie (above)
Cribie (“I don’t want to go into my cribie.”)
Lately, Peggy has been using a diminutive in what seems like every sentence.


3V1071.05 Holophrastic verbs; also pretending to sleep (12/28/80)

(See also under 12/1, 11/20; 11/22; and 12/9; 12/6)
Down watching TV on 12/23, Peggy on Bob’s lap. “Snuggle.”
Other times, lying down and closing her eyes, “Sleep.”


3V1071.06 Reading words (a few days ago): instruction in 1-1 correspondence

A few days ago, Peggy wanted me to read “Babar Saves the Day.” We sat
down and looked at the cover. Peggy sort of waved her hand around
and said, “Babar Saves the Day.” I repeated the title to each word as
I said it.{??} Peggy said very slowly, “Ba…Bar” and ran her finger under the
appropriate syllables.


3V1071.07 Confronting the illogical: “I’m not here.” (12/28/80)

This evening, I retreated upstairs to write while Gretchen read a large
collection of library books to Peggy. Later, Peggy called to me
“Dad…Are you up there ?” I replied “No. I’m not here.”

I heard Peggy go into the living room to look for me there then
returned to the dining room. “Mommy,” I called to Daddy and he said,
“I’m not here. I’m taking a bath.”

Significance: Peggy clearly tried very hard to make sense of my joke.
I conclude she has no way of thinking about such a thing as a self-
contradictory statement.


3V1072.01 Trying to wake up Robby. (12/29/80)

Everyone got up early to get Bob, Peggy, and Miriam off to Boston.
Robby was still in bed, so Peg went in and called to him “Wake up
Robby. time to get up.” Then she came out to the sitting room and
said to me, “I woke him up but he didn’t wake up…. Can I tickle him…
in his bed?” Then she said something about Robby not being alive in there.


3V1073.01 Preposition discrimination: “OUT” and “OF” (12/30/80)

Peggy came to Boston with Miriam and me. Overnight, she slept on a
sleeping bag, surrounded by her crib bumper — and with her own
pillow and afghans for covers. Awakening as Miriam did, she stood up
and said “I have to get OUT of my bed. Mimi has to get OFF hers.”


3V1074.01 Counting: for hide and seek (12/31/80)

Peggy was playing hide and seek with Robby. He was “it” and after
finding her [she didn’t really hide, but stood in another room ready to
laugh when he appeared] told her to go into the end of the kitchen (by
the basement) and hide her face while he went to hide. She obligingly
leaned against the wall and said (not too fast) “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…Here
I come, ready or not.”


3V1076.01 Puzzles at the Library (1/2/81)

Peggy joined me at the library. After my books were found, we waited
for Gretchen in the Children’s section. I read, keeping my eye on Peggy.
She climbed up on the large, raised pedestal and walked around the
Christmas tree. She came to some puzzles especially made for children
— with little raised handles on the individual pieces for ease of handling.

The first puzzle has many various shapes, She removed each
and confidently and quickly replaced them. going on to the second
puzzle, a set of bears slightly varying sizes, she dumped all out then
proceeded to replace them. One piece was missing. Peggy wandered
about asking grown ups where was the missing bear.


3V1076.02 Counting Popsicle Sticks: pauses/errors in sequences (1/2/81)

Peggy had some in one hand and started transferring them to the other
and counted them: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (dropped some).” Picking up the
sticks, Peg counted again, “1, 2, 3, , 5, 6, 8…” and then recounted again
and again.


3V1077.01 Two Related Sentences (1/3/81)

Peggy has proved her good control of her toilet use. She has been
happy to empty her potty into the toilet. When she defecates, she is
able and happy to wipe herself but she does NOT like to empty the shit
into the toilet. Today she said, “I don’t want to empty my potty. You
have to do it.”


Peggy Study, Panel P153

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 12/29/1980

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P153A Paper Clock, 10mb

P153B Reading Peter Rabbit, 15mb

P153C1 “Marbles,” (discrete substance), 16mb

P153C2 “Marbles,” (discrete substance), 17mb

P153D Colored Blocks, 28mb

P153E1 Standard Objects, 19mb

P153E2 Standard Objects, 19mb

P153F Dapper Dan & Toy People, 27mb