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3V1085.02 Context and two more sentences: [(Negotiating for a cookie.
Hiccup). Can I have some ? Hiccups make me hungry.] (1/11/81)

Peggy, wanting chocolate chips, asked Robby for some. He refused.
She hiccuped then and asked again, “Can I have some ? Hiccups make
me hungry.” What does one make of this ? Cause ? Persuasion ?
Any reason will do to keep negotiation ongoing ?


3V1087.01 Trip to North Guilford Nursery School (1/13/81)

Peggy, Miriam and I drove up to the North Guilford Nursery School to
register Peggy for the fall. They have no space for her now. We stood
in the hall a few moments waiting for Libby Hollingsworth. Peggy
decided to take off her coat and boots. We then went into another
room to fill out the forms. Peggy was a little shy on being directly
addressed, but when the adults turned to business, she sat down on the
floor and began to play with the toys quite happily. she did not want to
leave, but acquiesced with reasonably good grace. During the following
week she referred to nursery school a number of times, particularly at
times when we were preparing to go out somewhere.


3V108702 Can I read that after you ?” (1/13/81)

Miriam was reading a Lucky Luke that Peggy wanted. Peggy asked, “Can
I read that after you?”
Apropos of something, Peggy remarked, “Robby’s going to come home
and be mad. He will take it away and put it back.”


3V1089.01 Explanation by wrong causal inference. [Cold hands. Because the wood is cold.] (1/15/81)

Peggy sat before the stove while I loaded some logs in. My hands were
cold (perhaps I had recently been outside). The logs were from the
living room, and warm. What is striking here is Peggy’s assumption that
a causal inference is the right way to explain the unnatural condition
of my having cold hands.


3V1089.02 Thursday question about experiment on Sunday (1/15/81)

When we do the experiment [Sunday] will we play with blocks?”


3V1089.03 A trick on Robby (1/15/81)

Peggy was sitting in the big chair with Bob when Robby walked in and
sat down on the other chair. Peggy suddenly said to him (for no known
reason) “I throwed up on the furniture.” Robby looked startled and
prepared to leap up, before he realized it was a “joke.”


3V1091.01 Breaking up an idiomatic expression: [By Beatrix Potter] (1/17/81)

Peggy brought “Peter Rabbit” and “The Flopsy bunnies” to my lap. As I
have read them to her in the past, I have moved my finger along the
title. Earlier (1/26/80) Peggy recognized “by” in two books as being
“the same.” Here when I finished reading “The Flopsy bunnies”, Peggy
continued, unasked, “by Beatrix Potter” running her finger under “by”
at the appropriate point and more vaguely under Beatrix Potter.

What’s significant here is the breaking of the memorized stream, an
idiom-like phrase “by-Beatrix-Potter” into vocal units which are made
to correspond, specifically, to clusters of alphabetic symbols.


Peggy Study, Panel P155

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 1/12/1981

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P155A Rejecting Bob’s Plan, 4mb

P155B Balloon Play, 19mb

P155C Counting Sticks, 7mb

P155D Shapes Families, 14mb

P155E Hanoi Towers Puzzle, 18mb

P155F1 Building Blocks, 24mb

P155F2 Building Blocks, 23mb

P155F3 Building Blocks, 24mb

P155F4 Building Blocks, 19mb