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3V1093.01 Games: (with doll) this little pig went to market (1/19/81)

Peggy was holding a doll (the bath one) and I became aware that she
was feeling the toes, in order, and playing “This little pig went to


3V1093.02 Analogy question: [do you ever peel oranges like apples ?] (1/20/81)

Peggy spontaneously asked me “Do you ever peel oranges with a peeler,
like apples?” When I understood, I replied, “No.” She continued,
“You cut them open with knifses?”


3V1096.01 Time sensitivity: When vs. Before (1/22/81)

Miriam and I got back from Boston around 9 pm. We emptied the car,
got off our coats, and all that. I talked with Peggy a while and she told
me of her activities earlier in the day. I can’t recall the specific
activity, but at one point she said, “I did… , when you came back
from Boston.” She stopped, then tried again, “I did…. before you came
back from Boston.”

Peggy is becoming more sensitive to time. Because I work no regular
schedule, I have tried instructing her in the cycle, the periodicity of
weeks by verbally connecting Sunday to our doing experiments. (This
is useful because she often asks to do an experiment and I can respond,
“No. Today is Tuesday. We do our experiments on Sunday, but we can
play if you want.) Just now she walked into the room. When I
remarked to her that today is Sunday, she asked if we could do an
experiment. I agreed to and she said, “Let’s clean up the house first.”


Peggy Study, Panel P156

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 1/19/1981

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P156A Intro: talk, 2mb

P156B Reading, with GPL, 15mb

P156C1 Standard Objects, 20mb

P156C2 Standard Objects, 19mb

P156D1 Cuisenaire Rods, 14mb

P156D2 Cuisenaire Rods, 16mb

P156E Shape Families, 20mb

P156F Toy Dog, with Batteries, 21mb

P156G1 Puzzles, with Rob, 15mb

P156G2 Puzzles, with Rob, 13mb