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3V1148.01 “Tendy” (3/15/81)

While working on dinner in the kitchen amidst a circus of children, I suddenly heard out of the chaos Peggy counting, ‘eighty, ninety, tendy, eleven…’. She trailed off there, perhaps having said ‘eleventy.’


3V1149.01 Drawing on Peggy: drawing on her arms and more (3/16/81)

When she asked me to draw on her hand this evening, I made a little heart that said, “Dad” (she asked on my beginning with “D” if it said “Daddy”) and “Peg” which she figured was “Peggy”). Upon presentation of the other hand, I decided on a more elaborate drawing — and made a four petaled red flower (like the dogwood in shape) with green stem and leaves.
Peggy rolled up her sleeve and said “it tickles.” I asked if she could help me draw a face. She agreed. I made a large circle. “Eyes,” she said. “How many ?” I asked. “Two,” came the quick reply. “And what else ?” I inquired, expecting to hear about a nose and mouth. “Eyebrows and hair.” I drew in eyebrows, slanting down over the eyes, and a crew-cut pad of red. “He looks mad” was Peggy’s opinion, so I tried to make him happy. “Shall I draw a big smile then?” I did so. “What else ?” (I was again fishing for a nose. Peggy pointed at the chin. (I drew in a nose.) What else should he have?” I asked again, and she was more specific, “He needs legs.” I drew one chicken-foot and at her request, another, then another and a final one raise somewhat in the air, as below:

*** insert picture here ***

Peggy made an “eating at a single gulp” noise. “What’s he taste like?” I Asked, expecting something egg-or-chicken-like as an answer. “Monster” was the reply.

The flower and monster were the only shapes beside hearts that have been drawn on Peggy. I note them to document the beginnings of her drawing development (must re-collect the drawings on Greg’s walls at Logo.)


3V1150.01 A Tricycle at last: lost observation opportunity (3/17/81)

I wanted to buy one for Peggy’s third birthday but (even on sale) the prices were too high and the quality of the bikes too low for purchase. Today — some eight weeks later — I saw an ad selling a tricycle for 10 dollars. We trekked out to Madison. Peggy tried the tricycle and said, ‘I think we should.’ She did not know how to pedal or how to steer.

The older children were terribly obtrusive, wanting to demonstrate how to pedal, for instance, and also shaping Peggy’s behavior by pushing the bike forward and back thus ‘showing’ Peggy that the pedals had to go around whenever translation occurred. I told the children, especially Miriam, to let Peggy ‘Do it herself.’

Down in the basement, this afternoon, I don’t know what happened. Peggy now drives and steers competently. I can ask Robby and Miriam… but my sense of the situation is we’ve lost a possibly valuable example of physical skills learning through not being sufficiently observant at a critical time.


3V1152.01 Letters: [N…G…Y.. spell N…G…Y…spell?] (3/19/81)

Peggy commenting to herself. A few letters, the ‘…N…G…Y spell… N…G…Y…spell. ?


3V1152.02 More names of French numbers: [Cat…twank] (3/19/81)

Peggy talking to herself again. I heard a recognizable ‘Tra…cat..twank’ followed by what seemed to me to be reproductions of higher French numbers (around eleven to fourteen) which Miriam and I had discussed earlier.


3V1153.01 Peggy volunteers a spelling: letters instead of words (3/23/81)

Miriam worked on her school work in the dining room, writing a composition. She called out to her mother , “How do you spell ‘couples’?” Peggy volunteered an answer, “L, N, G, P, L.” While Gretchen supplied a more nearly standard one. A few seconds later, Peggy came up to me, “I know how to spell ‘tree’, ” and then continued with her spelling, “L, N, G, P, L.”

Relevance: Here we see Peggy refining her idea of what it means to spell a word. We have letters instead of “Woof boogle jig.” She showed no concern that both words were spelled with the same letters and none at the arbitrariness of the letters assigned.


Peggy Study, Panel P164

Themes: One, Two, Three
Source: (Lawler); date: 3/15/1981

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P164A Shapes Families, 22mb

P164B Colored Blocks, 34mb

P164C Writing on Paper, 22mb

P164D Plastic Letters, 34mb

P164E Writing/Drawing, 15mb

P164F Cuisenaire Rods, 15mb