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3V1160.01 Imperfectly articulated Guessing Games (3/27/81)

While we were at dinner, Peggy came running around the table, behind Robby’s chair, waving her BearHug. She said, “You’ll never guess what’s behind my back.” Non-committally, I responded, “I won’t.” Peggy said, “It will be a bear,” then hid the bear.


3V1160.02 Subject and aspect: repetition expresses continued activity (3/27/81)

Peggy is very vocal and most frequently describes verbally her action. The subject of her verbal predicates is usually herself and most often is “understood.” Today she ran through the kitchen, with her BearHug, putting him through actions. She said (manipulating him the while) “Run after. Run after. Try to tag. Try to tag. Roll over. Roll over.”

Clearly the omitted subject of these predicates was BearHug. Also striking is her apparent use of single case repetition to express continuing aspect of the repeated physical actions she put the bear through.


3V1162.02 Not quite right, even yet: “By” in Hop on Pop (3/29/81)

Peggy offered to read ‘Hop on Pop’ to me and began with the title. Pointing to the word “HOP” (alone on the top line) she said, “Hop on Pop.” Pointing next to “ON” (alone on middle line) she continued her reading as “by” (for “on”) then concluded with the bottom line as “Hop on Pop on Pop.”

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