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3V119901 Bizarre reason (5/5/81)

Peggy often asks which shoe goes on which foot. Today I saw her putting her sandal on the correct foot and asked how she picked THAT foot. Peggy answered, “‘Cause it was the funny one.”


3V1199.02 Two Drawings (with Polaroid sample) and “wwords” (5/5/81)

Peggy made these figures (see photo in notebook) on her chalkboard as I watched (After the first was completed). She explained they were two hearts, the one at right having the message “I love Daddy,” the second “I love Mimi.”

Peggy wrote the marks in the second (close to her ‘heart’) from right to left, top to bottom (almost). The other three check marks (upper left) were the last added. Thinking the third mark on the upper lines might be an “M” (inverted?) I asked where it said ‘Mimi’. Peggy pointed vaguely at the lower line and said, “Mimi, Gretchen, Scurry.”


3V1199.03 P’s on the computer with drawing program 5/5/81)

Peggy has begin playing with a tile-based drawing program I made for Miriam.. Although she says she prefers playing with the Blocks program, Peggy plays with the drawing program more than any other. She surprised herself and me today by making a box, then she continued drawing a vertical line under it’s left side, “I made a P, Daddy. I made a P myself.”