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3V0126.01 Nursing: socialization and vocalizations; “owl cup” fascination 05/28/78

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3V0127.01 Grabbing and sucking an extended finger (5/29/78)

Monday (5/29) we were preparing to make our first videotape of Peggy at 18 weeks. she sat in her chair while Bob got the camera set up and observed the effects on the bedroom TV. I came over to investigate and held out a finger to Peggy. She reached for it, grasped it, and almost immediately conveyed it to her mouth where she sucked on my finger and as much of her hand as would fit.


3V0131.01 Peggy’s technique for eating cereal (a problem solved) (6/02/78)

Yesterday I observed Peggy had a fully developed technique for coping with her cereal. She sat in her chair with a fist in her mouth. when a spoonful of cereal approached, she removed her hand, keeping her mouth open wide until the food was inside. She then closed her mouth somewhat and inserted a few fingers. Sucking on the fingers performed the double function of drawing the cereal into her mouth and preventing its being pushed out by the actions of her tongue. She followed this routine until all the cereal was gone.

Two days ago, in the evening, I was nursing Peggy. At one point (after the shift from one side to the other) she was lying cradled in my arms, upper arm plucking at my clothes, blissfully sucking, but not on me ! She had all the fingers of her under-arm-hand in her mouth and seemed perfectly content.


P018 Day 127 Session 001

Peggy Study, Panel P018

Themes: Introductions, Typical Behavior, Familiar Objects
Source: (Lawler); date: 5/29/78

Text commentary: these clips introduce the cast of characters; this is the first video in the Infant Peggy Study

P018 Pop Goes the Weasel, 5mb

P018A2 Tickling, with GPL 25mb

P18B1 enter Scurry 9mb

P18B2 with GPL, 13mb

P18C1 with Cloths, 24mb

P18C2 Familiar Objects, 19mb

P18C3 Objects on the Table, 25mb

P18D with Robby, 18mb

P18E Miriam, with GPL, 9.3mb