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3V1264.01 TI Speech Editor (7/9/81)

This limited function module appears to do no more that recite letter names. That, however, is now very interesting to Peggy. After watching Miriam and me play with it for a while, she asked to take over. It appears that any combination of letters not separated by a space or some other non-alpha character is treated as an error. Peggy had to be instructed in that (no surprise). She happily keyed random letters (but she still inclined to long strings of repetition whenever she struck a favorite letter, e.g. D) and made the module say them and repeat them. She was proud of her success and claimed “I made a real nice procedure, didn’t I ?”


3V1265.01 Fireman’s Bazaar: a broken heart for Daddy (7/10/81)

This evening the three children and I went to the fair. Robby and Miriam disappeared instantly and left me with Peggy. We watched some square dancers then sauntered over in the direction of the merry go round. Peggy’s eyes lit up and she asked if we could go on it.

I bought two tickets and when it next stopped put her on the horse of her choosing. She broke my heart then — I asked if she wanted me to ride with her and she said “No,” she wanted to ride by herself. I advised her to hold on tight and stepped back, consoling myself that she could ride twice as much by herself and that I will have my turn again, with Kate.


3V1266.01 Implicit Instruction: speech generated alphabet (7/11/81)

Peggy asked to play with the speech generator. I set it up and keyed in the alphabet — for no particular reasons other than to test it’s functioning — then realized that this extended symbolic object, of marginally greater interest to me than random letters, was now an artifact of our information world.[?]


Peggy Study, Panel P180

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: tbd

Title: Bringing Kate onstage, Problem Solving
Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P180A With baby Kate, 22mb

P180B1 Beam Balance, 20mb

P180B2 Beam Balance, 16mb

P180C1 Colored Blocks, 22mb

P180C2 Colored Blocks, 11mb

P180D Cuisenaire Rods, 26mb

P180E Problems & Counting, 12mb

P180F Juggling, 8mb

P180G Computer Words, 8mb