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3V1284.01 “Supposed to” (7/31/81)

This phrase seems to carry a lot of meaning for Peggy — almost a weight equivalent to natural law. I can now no longer recall the particular application Peggy made of this phrase.

note written 8/30/81


3V1286.01 Singing: a mnemonic method for Peggy; her catalog (1/31/81)

This is a very important method of recalling, perhaps even thinking, for Peggy. Let’s try to list her songs:
The FOX – her oldest favorite; well known lines and jungles
The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly (Burl Ives movie sound track)
New York, New York (She thinks it’s about a car)
ABCD (She sings it imperfectly; Robby and Miriam help her out).
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be [Johnny gets confused with him of “The Fox”]
Made up songs