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3V1414.01 Review of collapse of the Peggy study’s naturalistic observation (12/6/81)

Our study of Peggy fell apart in August. Gretchen was overwhelmed by caring for the new baby and her other obligations. I prepared lectures for NYAS and San Diego, then took Robby with me on a three week tour. After my return, we have only insignificant scratchings.

If we begin again as of December 1st, we have a four month hiatus in the anecdotal materials of the study. The notes below are a very belated attempt to reconstruct a few incidents from memory and phrases on our blackboard.


3V1415.01 Reading Vocabulary (12/7/81)

In P202, I gave Peggy her first “reading test.” She showed clearly that she recognized -in their very specific contexts- these words(19) :
RECALL (by keying it)
RECALLING (by contrast of the display screen)
READING (on display screen, shares “ing” with recalling)
BLOCKS (on tape cassette, keying, and on prompt card)
RECALL (on spelling, prompt card)
EYE & FACE: names of two procedures she created days ago with ZOOM interface.
Up, DOWN, GREEN (didn’t parse as two different words, “paint green”), SUN PONY, CAR, GIRL, ZOOM, ZAP, HALT (two tries) RED (in paint red), BLACK (same) BOY, JET

Peggy can “read” at least 19 words — in a very specific context. Her confusions were equally revealing. Color coding “MOVE” = “UP” (both are green) and “BACKUP” = “DOWN”. “Paint White” = BLACK. (another meaning for a two word card which is not paint green — she initially guessed “red”)

When she claimed to know a word and I requested justification, she responded by saying the spelling proved what it was (even when she got the word wrong and read letters one-by-one from the card.)


3V1416.01 A Big Penny and a Little One (12/8/81)

We went to Boston this day for a pre-Christmas visit. Rob hung around LCSI with me. Miriam took Peggy over to the Childrens Museum. Late in the day, the kids were going out with Greg to buy sodas and Peggy — of course — wanted to bring some Regal Crowns. She was distressed because everyone was dressed to leave and she had no money. She came crying to me asking for two pennies to buy Regal Crowns. “I need two pennies to buy my Regal Crowns, a big penny (by which she meant a quarter) and a little penny (by which she meant a dime.)


3V1420.01 Turn” vs. “Truck” (12/12/81)

Peggy played with BEACH world, put a ZOOMing SUN in the sky and so forth. She had some figures on a screen — I believe a ZOOMing MOON which she wanted to have move in the opposite sense. When she asked how to do it, I told her to look for the TURN card as I left the room, remarking that it started with a letter “T”. While I was on the phone, Peggy raised the cry from the living room, “Dad, TURN doesn’t work. It gave me a truck.”