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3V0179.01 Temperament

Peggy is always responsive and cheerful in the morning. For some time now [vide 6/2 entry] she has responded to the sound of “Hello, Peggy” with a big smile, even before lifting her head up to see. It is clear she no longer needs to SEE me to react, and the lifting up of the head and shoulders is rather a preparation for being moved than a verification of my presence.


3V0179.02 Using her new teeth 07/20/78

Peggy now has three teeth, two in bottom and one on top. She has discovered that she can grate them together, producing a skritching sound and heaven knows what kind of sensation. She does it quite deliberately, particularly when being fed solid food, pushing her lower jaw forwards and sideways in order to center the single tooth on the pair below.


3V0179.03 Splashing in the bath 07/20/78

Whenever she has a bath, Peggy kicks vigorously and with great concentration, watching the splashing she creates.


3V0180.01 At the beach (7/22/78 )

Yesterday, Miriam, Peggy and I went down to the beach. I took Peggy to the water and held her about knee deep (her knees, not mine). When I moved her into deeper water, so that she was up to her hips, she kicked as she does in the bathtub, but without so much splashing. She enjoyed being swung back and forth so that her feet grazed the water at the bottom of the swing.


3V0180.02 Playing “Peek a boo” begins (7/22/78)

Last night dinner was late, and Peggy was already fed in her seat. As we were not paying much attention to her, she amused herself by playing with the damp washcloth I had used to clean of her face, hand, stomach, and her legs after feeding. She chewed on it and dropped it over the top of her head, holding on to it with both hands. this morning, she was playing with a diaper in similar fashion while sitting in my lap. Bob was seated about three feet away. Peggy draped the diaper over her head so that it covered her eyes. After a few seconds, she grasped the diaper with both hands and lowered it to neck level, then looked at Bob and laughed. She did this three or four times in succession – a genuine game of peek a boo all on her own. Bob joined the game by asking “Where’s Peggy?” when she covered her eyes, and crying “There she is!” when she removed the diaper.


3V0180.03 Extensive Babbling: 7/22/78, 5, 30

Peggy’s babbling is much more extensive now and she has quite a variety in her repertoire. She makes continuous noise, going on for many seconds, and lately has begun to do so on a high pitch tone as well. She makes a cranky, whiny “enh” sound when being fed to indicate “more.” She babbles a set of related syllables, such as “bab-bab-bob-bob-bab.” This morning she was lying on her back in the crib, playing with both feet, and if sitting, will lean over and chew on her toes.


3V0180.04 Sounds. Babbling and playing with toes after rolling over 07/22/78

This morning about 7 am I heard Peggy babbling in her crib and woke Gretchen to listen. Peeking carefully through the door to be certain I wasn’t seen, I watched Peggy as she lay on her back, babbling and playing with her toes in apparent good cheer. Contrast this with the more usual crying that occurred when she first rolled on her back. Could it be that she now “has something to do” when accidentally landing in this position which makes it tolerable? [And is more accustomed to the sensation rather than being frightened by a novel shock — note by Gretchen] Can we notice whether her babbling occurs in other standard positions (e.g. in the infant seat, as I’m sure it does, or on her stomach, as is much less likely).


3V0180.05 Sounds. Peggy and Bob sing a duet: “Going for a Ride” 07/22/78

Over past days, a week or so, I have bounced Peggy in my lap while singing the song from Sesame Street “we are going for a ride.” At one verse, instead of standard lines such as “and the train goes ‘toot-toot'” i substituted “and the baby goes –” and Peggy completed the verse “/oenh/”. In subsequent singing, she continued to sing her part. Perhaps we can capture this part-singing in tomorrow’s video session.


3V0180.06 Surfaces. Precursor to the object concept:
later development from “surface fascination” of early infancy 07/22/78

This afternoon, I tried to jollify Peggy while Gretchen and the older children went to the beach. We played for 20 minutes or more. I was interested in seeing how well Peggy could sit up. With my lap horizontal, she most frequently and quickly fell flat on her face. As I inclined my lap a little she became able to balance in a “sitting” position. During this time, Peggy’s interest was quite different from mine. She was trying to pluck away my belt from my clothes. She focused on this task for at least 10 minutes. When I attempted to distract her with the favorite teething ring, she plucked at the belt with the teether in hand (the white rubber, multi-nipple ring), appearing to pry at the belt with the teether. What do I make of this activity?

I see this as a physical verification of a figure/ground distinction. the inch-and-a-half brown leather belt was set off against a white T- shirt and gray and red plaid pants. The brass buckle was obvious also. If it appeared so obviously distinct to Peggy, should not she have been puzzled that it would not come away at her tugging? The long duration of her interest testifies that there was something in this situation which engages an issue she is working on. Could this have been puzzling as a potential counter-example to a strong “separate object” hypothesis? I believe so and see this issue as pointing forward to the development of the object concept and backwards to the surface-scratching, flower- pattern-plucking activities observed previously.

I interrupted Peggy by turning her away from me, still on my lap. She reached out toward the chair arm. I played “peek-a-boo” with the chair arm by draping a diaper over and covering it. Peggy reached out, plucked off the diaper, dropped it, then proceeded with her examination of the chair arm, which has both wooden and material (integral) parts.

Finally I returned Peggy to upright sitting in my lap. When she again started working on the belt, I undid the buckle. She brought the long leather end to her mouth and chewed on it longer than I liked (did the tanning leave chemical residues that would be bad for her?)