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3V1779.01 Summary from the Week (12/5/82)

Tuesday, with both Miriam and Peggy complaining of their schools, it struck me both would be happier at the Thomas Jefferson School AND if both went it would be possible for Peggy (as well as a novel opportunity for Miriam). After a call to Jean Jacques Greif (and William Wheeler the next day), I arranged for Peggy and me to visit on Thursday morning.

Peggy assumed this was “her new school” and with some timidity met other children and enjoyed doing so. Garance and Armandae (who speaks English) on the mezzanine; Carla, Jean (South African) and Benjamina (4 and a half) all spoke English and were very friendly. Peggy really seemed more nearly satisfiable there than at home.

When I left for work on Friday morning, Peggy was getting dressed and both she and Gretchen were going to visit the school that morning. THEY DIDN’T GO. Why not ? I’m not certain. Peggy probably is so jealous of Kate she figures she will miss out if she is not with her. Gretchen was sick and unwilling to force Peggy to go to school. I don’t know what to do at this point.

Peggy has tried to get me to read to her the last two nights. I did so Thursday but not Friday nor Saturday. I’m sick now myself and find my job worries and my financial anxieties make it hard for Peggy to compete.


3V1780.01 Peggy Paris 10 (12/6/82)

Three segments, first reading “Hop on Pop”; second on left and right; third on using phrases with CITY micro-world.

Lack of translation from text to speech & vice versa is deep: no 1-1 correspondence at verbal level; lack of letter-sound correspondence; left-right distinction is firm (now with the sign correct) – very nice example of left turn and right turn as “absolutes” ie. facing camera turn left = LT 90 (a la instruction) ; second left turn is LT 360 to face in same direction as original left turn, same for right turn.

CITY mild interest. She really wants to make shapes on her own -> interface for name accessible editing of shapes.