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3V0182.02 Verbal imitation game: /aen/ 07/23/78

At a late supper, one even less formal than usual and after she had been fed, Peggy entertained us at the table. Somehow a game began, I think between Peggy and me, of specific imitations on variations of a single sound — an aspirated, nasalized short ‘a’ (/oen/). The typical form was this —
1. while maintaining eye contact, Peggy made her sound, then looked at me expectantly

2. I imitated her sound as best I could
3. Peggy smiled broadly.

Subsequently, this procedure was repeated several times with sound simply repeated, drawn out, or doubled. Then I cited to Gretchen that Peggy had definitely begun this game based on my imitating her. Gretchen joined in the imitations — and so did Miriam and Robby. Peggy’s delight was extreme when he[r] sounds led us in chorus to imitation. After a number of iterations, I interjected a different sound /boo/ (one more or less in her repertoire but quite different from /oen/). Robby and Miriam imitated me a few times. Peggy looked quite attentively at us, but she did not join the chorus and I let the game drop.


Peggy Study, Panel P026

Themes: Pre-Conversation, Object Play, Sibling Play
Source: (Lawler); date: 7/24/1978

Text commentary: these clips capture what was everyday and what uncommon in Peggy’s context; Peggy at six months.

P26A1 Pre-Conversation, 24mb

P26A2 Mirror Baby, 13mb

P26A3 Using Her Spoon, 14mb

P26B1 Objects On The Floor, 28mb

P26B2 Objects On The Floor, 25mb

P26C1 Sibling Interactions, 18mb

P26C2 Mirror Baby, 10mb

P26C3 Miriam Rolls Her Over, 11mb