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3V0204.01 Ring Tower Toy: beginning of “putting on” sequence (8/14/78)

Peggy received a ring-tower toy as a present at her birth. She has not played with it before today (Note however that Peggy played with similar rings from a different set in the earliest videotape of her playing.) The toy looks like this: (diagram; rings in decreasing size: purple blue green yellow orange red). I had wanted to introduce this toy to Peggy during our next videotape session, but Gretchen gave it to Peggy this morning. The purple ring was loose its hole is so small as to lock the others on the shaft when it is tightly in place.) Both the purple and blue rings fell off when Peggy first reached out for the toy. She chewed on them for a while then, drawing the stack to her she lifted off the green and yellow rings from the shaft. After scattering the separated rings about the bed, Peggy lifted off the orange and red rings. She brought each to her mouth in turn, and then the now empty shaft.

Why is this observation of interest ? It is less an observation in itself than as a beginning for a specific investigation of how Peggy’s interest in penetrations develops. This toy will not be used as it is because the shaft is tapered and the necessary ordering of rings would complicate too much the initial experiments with “putting-on” rings to the shaft. Thereafter, when Peggy has done so and shows she is engaged with doing so, the tapered shaft will be replaced. thus she will confront a new problem and we will explore how she goes about working out the problem.


3V0204.02 Robby, Miriam play with Peggy; object permanence data (8/14/78)

The second group of interesting observations with the toy focus on my first observations of Peggy’s crawling. Gretchen has remarked on Peggy’s ‘falling sideways’ and thereby going forward a little over the past few days. Today;s behavior was a clear extension of what may have been chance advances into a directed and repeated series of specific actions for accomplishing an obvious objective.
A little reviewing before description. Robby has given Peggy demonstrations of how to crawl. Yesterday Miriam was giving Peggy direct instruction in how to crawl by what is best called “shaping”. Miriam set the clown on the floor beyond Peggy’s reach from her belly based position then lifted Peggy’s hips high as Peggy flailed with her legs, so the legs came up under the hips. Miriam let her go and make [sic] encouraging noises as Peggy fell over and a little forward. Miriam repeated this a second time and pushed the clown to Peggy;s grasping hands at her second forward fall.

Today, on the bed in a field of scattered rings, when all had been knocked out of her reach, Peggy set out to get the purple, green, and red rings – a goo six inches beyond her. It could be no clear(er) that Peggy wanted the rings. She reached out toward them and cried when they were not accessible. Peggy pushed her hips up, falling forward and sideways at least half a dozen times as she reached out for and focused on the rings. She did get the purple and red rings but the green escaped her. Peggy gave up on the green ring and dropped the red. She rotated on her stomach and started to go after the orange ring with the purple ring still in her hand. Peggy intermittently reached for the orange ring and failing, brought the purple ring to her mouth. She reached with one hand as the other – when reaching with her right hand, holding the purple ring, she knocked the other ring away, but did not stop reaching for the orange ring with that hand. The ring was escaping faster than her progress. this activity all took place on an unmade bed where a crumpled sheet lay alongside the path between Peggy and the orange ring. Peggy pulled HARD on the sheet several times (but the ring did not move – begin on a separate undersheet) then pulled the loose sheet to her mouth. Is this an accident ? Or is it a good trick Peggy has already mastered for drawing to her things beyond her reach ?

When Peggy finally began crying over her failure, I placed the orange ring on a different part of the bed, on Peggy’s other side at the outer periphery of her reach. In her first attempt to get it, Peggy pulled on the bed sheet (the undersheet, on which she lay and which was not moveable as the over sheet was). Next, she reached with her hand. when she hit the orange ring, it flipped over the near edge and came within easy reach. When she finally grasped the orange ring, Peggy ended her excursions by rolling onto her back.

My conclusions from these observations are that Peggy does not take account in her reaching of whether she already has some object in her hand; she knows that some surfaces are separable from their substrate and can be manipulated — but she doesn’t yet realize that to access a desired object by pulling at a surface that object MUST be on the surface; the second attempt to get the orange ring b y pulling the fixed sheet indicates why this may not be so easy to figure out as one would first imagine.


3V0205.01 A Natural Experiment
< from earlier title: "Rolling Over (earlier socialization)" Meeting Cousin Matthew. (8/15/78 )

Peggy rolled over today from back to belly, but the evidence is circumstantial. She had been eating a teething biscuit and was covered with glom from head to foot. I put her down on her back in the crib while I went to fill her bath. when I returned, Peggy was on her stomach.

This past Rob’s ninth birthday. Grand mom had arranged for a “splash-party’ over at Betty Ann and Pete’s house, so after a brief rest and some lunch, we all went over to Cherry Hill. Their baby, Matthew, 12 days older than Peggy, was napping when we arrived, about 2 o’clock. Not too much later, he awoke and Betty brought him out. to meet us and Peggy. He is a big solid kid — 19 pounds compared with 15.5 for Peggy, who looks positively delicate compared to him. they seemed only moderately interested in each other. when brought closer, each reached out a hand, Matthew more aggressively than Peggy. She appeared a trifle wary, unsure of what was going on. Matthew was feeling for her face, and Betty remarked something about “straight for the eyes.” Peggy was then taken up to Matthew’s crib for a nap, as she had been up since 6:30 am and had slept only a short while in the car (she fell asleep on the way over). The two babies met again once more, with similar outcome. Additionally, both were placed on the floor, where Matthew sat with ease , while Peggy fell over every time she reached in any direction. Matthew’s bottle and something of Peggy’s were on the floor, and each reached for the other’s thing.