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3V0262.01 Peggy Imitating Robby Noises.. 10/11

IMITATION — Peggy was sitting in her seat at the dining room table. Robby was seated at the table also. He made a series of loud kissing noises directed to her. Finally I asked him to stop. In the silence that followed, a soft but distinct repetition of the sound came from Peggy. Robby cried, “Look, Mom, she’s doing it! She’s answering me!”


3V026202 Wariness of Strangers

STRANGERS — Peggy seems now much more wary of others. Frank and Annie Schoeman were here Sunday (10/08); and Peggy would not let Annie hold her but screamed every time Annie touched her. Even with Miriam, who plays with her every day and always wants to hold Peggy and carry her around, Peggy will allow herself to be picked up, but will look around anxiously for mother.


3V0263.01 Waving, communication through imitation. 10/12

WAVING — Peggy sat in my lap after dinner. We had indulged in some conversations with Peggy. Robby approached my chair and Peggy said /ae/, flapping both her arms as she has long done when excited. Robby repeated /ae/ and waved his right arm. Peggy smiled then /ae/ /ae/, waving one arm (her right) once for each sound. Robby imitated her precisely. Both continued this communication, varying the number of sounds and wavings, for over two minutes, with Peggy always directing.

RELEVANCE — (see comments in V0263.02)


3V0263.02 Social Selection of some actions

Social Selection of some actions as interesting leads to their entering the repertoire.
RELEVANCE (of preceding story in V0263.01) — Here we see an accidental correspondence of two actions selected as significant, of interest, to another person. This stumbling upon an interesting new pattern so pleased Peggy that she elevated the combined element into a new pattern in her repertoire. Both actions were well under Peggy’s control when it happened. This is clear evidence that she can assemble joint actions from single actions. It also shows the build[ing] of a repertoire of ‘interesting’ actions which can serve as a pool of potentially meaningful communication transactions.


Peggy Study, Panel P037

Themes: Communication, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 10/9/1978

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P37A1 Miriam and Peggy, 26mb

P37A2 Vocal Imitation, 4mb

P37B Rob and Peggy, 21mb

P37C1 Feeding Peggy, 16mb

P37C2 Feeding Peggy, 14mb

P37D Instruction with GPL, 4mb

P37E1 Objects on the Floor, 26mb

P37E2 Objects on the Floor, 20mb

P37E3 Objects on the Floor, 15mb