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3V0267.01 Associating Sounds with People. Interesting Action. 10/16

Peggy went through a period of several days where she seemed to associate her sounds with people. The most striking case was ma-ma(repeated an indefinite number of times with no obvious relevant stress on intonational accenting), which she apparently connected with Gretchen. This delighted Gretchen, who would typically respond, “That’s right, Peggy, ‘mama’, that’s me!” [note by Gretchen: to establish that connection firmly.]

The non-standard variation that made this so striking and amusing was Peggy’s putting on me the “label” /b/\b/ /b/\b/ /b/\b/ instead of da da.
RELEVANCE — As with her discovery that waving was an “interesting” action, i.e. one she could use in social exchange with another person, Peggy appeared on the verge of discovering naming as such an interesting action.


3V0269.01 Standing in her crib (Miriam did it) (10/18/78)

Peggy has shown much more inclination to stand than to sit. It has been hard even to get her to sit down in a lap. Today, Miriam called out from the girls’ room most excitedly, “Mom, Dad, come see. Peggy’s standing by herself.” And Peggy was standing in her crib, holding on to the top bar. How did she get there ? Miriam pulled her up from a sitting position, but Peggy’s hands on the bar and let her go. She has done so on subsequent days.

Relevance: This incident shows Miriam’s intrusiveness, driving Peggy forward to “the next major achievement.”


3V0271.01 A Walker: social pushiness as instruction 10/20/78

For several weeks, we have discussed buying a walker for Peggy because of her preference for standing and as a device she could use to increase her scope. We have seen them on sale and today bought one.

Relevance: The first incident shows Miriam’s intrusiveness, driving Peggy forward to “the next major achievement.” We parents do the same in watching what Peggy is capable of and giving her whatever we think she could use to enrich her time and extend her scope.


Peggy Study, Panel P038

Themes: Playpen and Car Seat as context, Functionalal and Standard Objects, solitary Vocal Behavior
Source: (Lawler); date: 10/16/1978

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P38A1 Playpen: Ring Tower, 18mb

P38A2 Playpen: Standard Objects, 19mb

P38A3 Playpen: Standard Objects, 20mb

P38A4 Playpen: Vocalization, 20mb

P38A5 Playpen: Ejections, 12mb

P38B1 Cup, Dish, Brush, 16mb

P38B2 Standard Object Set, 4mb

P38B3a Objects in Car Seat, 20mb

P38B3b Objects in Car Seat, 19mb