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3V0287.01 Assimilation of the pen to the pipe giving game. 11/05

GIVING — Out at the soccer field, I found Peggy in my arms and no pipe in my pocket. This does appear to be her favorite toy-with-daddy.) She was not dismayed, however, and took from my pocket this black, felt-tipped pen with which I am writing. (It looks a little like a pipe-stem, as it sticks above the pocket edge.) The interesting event followed Peggy’s identifying the object by mouthing — she held it out for me to take in my mouth. I did so, and she took it back soon.

RELEVANCE — Assimilation of a pen to a pipe-giving activity.


3V0293.01 Giving with chewing. Earlier precursor possibilities. 11/11

GIVING — I tried to work in the living room while keeping the fire going and an eye on Peggy. After discarding most potential toys from the small table I put them on, she charged about in her walker, waving the conical peg from her ring tower toy (this plastic piece was replaced with a cylindrical peg months ago). Peggy rolled over to me, smiled, chewed on her plastic peg, then offered an end for me to chew on. I accepted her gift, held the end in my mouth, and she took it back.

— refer to the initial section of the videotape P 41, where Miriam played ball with Peggy for the first time. Peggy quickly accepted the protocol.
Gretchen’s only suggestion of an earlier protocol possibly related to this is her request that Peggy give her a spoon. I much prefer the simpler finger-in-the-mouth game — where Peggy, waving her hand about sometimes striking an adult in the face or near the mouth, would have her fingers kissed, nibbled, or sucked.


3V0293.02 Putting Into (first success of pipe into pocket) (11/11/78)

Peggy sat in my lap this morning. I had just come from the bath. As she played with my pipe, Peggy stumbled on a discovery: not only have I hair on my chin but on my chest as well. She tested the attachment by pulling. Preventing any more of that, I pulled the rob tighter across my chest, bringing a pocket more directly into her arena of action. Peggy, who had been holding the pip by its stem and offering the bowl to mouth (her preference), leaned forward and very directly inserted the pipe, bowl down, into the robe pocket. She immediately drew it out.

Relevance: In the past, I have hidden my pipe in a shirt pocket, from which Peggy quickly discovered how to extract it. But this was the first incident where I;ve seen Peggy show an interest in putting a thing into a container (so different as a pocket) and succeed. She has put blocks in her open box successfully.


Peggy Study, Video P041

Themes: Social Interactions & Communication, Object Exploration, Physical Development
Source: (Lawler); date: 11/7/1978

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P41A Giving with Miriam, 26mb

P41B1 Clap on Request, with GPL, 7mb

P41B2 Pointing & Choice, with GPL, 6mb

P41B3 Permanent Objects, 9mb

P41C1 In Her Walker, with Bob 13mb

P41C2 Box with Blocks, 20mb

P41C3 Mirror Baby, 5mb

P41D1 Std. Objects, sub-set, 27mb

P41D2 Std. Objects, sub-set, 14mb

P41D3 Std. Objects, sub-set, 6mb

P41D4 Interest in a Book, 5mb