Peggy Study, Panel P043

Themes: Communication, Object Play, Family Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 11/19/1978

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P43A1 Box & Blocks, with Miriam, 16mb

P43A2 Box & Blocks, with Miriam, 19mb

P43B Talk & Pipe-play, with Bob, 19mb

P43C Body Part Names & walking, with GPL, 24mb

P43D Peg in her Walker, with Robby, 26mb

P43E1 Standard Objects, 20mb

P43E2 Standard Objects, 14mb


3V0306.03 Pervasive Instruction. 11/24

PERVASIVE INSTRUCTION — Peggy’s maternal grandmother (Edie) has been visiting us for the week around Thanksgiving. Six months ago she played “Clap hands, here comes Charlie” with Peggy and is delighted that Peggy claps on command and gets others to clap by doing it herself. While she sat across the table and clapped, both imitating and leading, she added a new behavior to Peggy’s repertoire — she clasped her hands and held them up over her head. I don’t know how many times it took before Peggy imitated her.

Taking up such an action is something very ‘natural’ to Peggy right now, because it fits in with a more general activity she has engaged in for the past two weeks (at least). Peggy is exploring the parts of her body she can’t see. Sitting on the floor, she lifts both hands up behind her head (almost tipping over). I have seen her play with her hair when doing that. She has played with her silver rattle-cum-string, the string end in one hand and the rattle in the other, lifting both up and beyond her head then pulling the string down behind her back.

RELEVANCE — Both of the preceding observations show adults responding eagerly when Peggy shows herself capable of learning from them. I responded ‘automatically’ to Peggy’s verbal addition to the giving game, before I even noticed what I was doing. Edie introduced her variation on ‘clap-clap’ and made her mark on Peggy.

Finally, Peggy’s exploration of her body should be marked at this time. It may show her conceiving of herself as a complete and circumscribed “object” — at least as an entity.


3V0306.02 Giving dishtowels with vocal accompaniment:
Hey Dad!
“Hey Dad !” (or /hae//thaet/ ?) 11/24

HEY DAD! — Peggy has played giving games which started with my pipe and rapidly generalized to other objects. Some times [she] has come to me at the table in her walker and offered me whatever object was in her hand. Yesterday, I stood a few feet from Peggy in the kitchen. She waved about a dishtowel and then exclaimed something close to “Hey Dad!” and held the towel out to me. I took it from [her] and mimicked her, “Here, Peg,” (the mimicry was more intonational pattern than any other aspect) and returned it to her. This transaction was repeated twice more, then in two final givings and returns, Peggy said nothing and I instructed her, “Peggy, you’re supposed to say ‘Hey Dad!'”


3V0306.01 More about pointing; pointing related to sucking: 11/24/78

A few days ago Peggy was chasing Scurry around the kitchen. Using her two forefingers as a probe, she rolled over to Scurry and poked at her nose as the dog backed away. While doing this, Peggy looked at her hand and, studying it, curled up her middle finger.

Peggy continues to point with two fingers of her right hand and suck on the two middle fingers of her left hand. she doesn’t usually suck on her right hand. Gretchen tells me that two days ago she saw Peggy sucking on her right hand – and she was sucking her two forefingers.

Relevance: Peggy’s focus on her forefinger is the kind of incident through [which I] expect a progressive discrimination and control of the digits to gradually develop. It might well be than many children would first segregate a forefinger from the hand-groups, whereas Peggy shows a different parting of the forefingers into two groups of two.

The discrimination of finger sucking patterns and frequency by hand is an observation we will follow. But because Peggy uses the right forefingers as a probe — and we can not claim we saw her with two different sucking patterns before that use began — we can not argue that the sucking pattern preceded probing unless through an analysis of finger sucking incidents in the videotapes.