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3V0317.01 Temporal advancement of “thank you” to a command. 12/05

NO “THANK YOU” — Peggy’s use of the pattern has proved transient. She no longer says anything when given my pipe or a cookie or whatever. But the passing of the phrase was marked by an interesting transition shown in only a single incident: Peggy wanted some particular thing (what it was escapes me) which I had; she held out her hand with her “impure point” to me and said /øaen/. By a sort of temporal advancement, the verbal courtesy “thank you”, which was merely associated with the act of receiving a given thing, was transformed into an articulate word of command, i.e. “give me that thing I want.”

The holophrase “Here”, meaning “Pay attention to me and take this thing I am giving you” has reached a permanent position in Peggy’s repertoire. Her vocalization is most commonly /thae/ with a falling intonation — when she holds out an object, offering it in her ‘giving’ protocol. Peggy’s vocal accompaniment to giving occurs more frequently than it is omitted.

RELEVANCE — These notes document the transience and permanence of two different ur-phrases in Peggy’s repertoire. The “Here” ur-phrase, one of command, remains. The “Thank you” has disappeared with a single incident occurring where it was promoted to a commanding function.
– How else does Peggy get us to do what she wants?
– The most common want of me is “pick me up.” Peggy earliest showed me this want by taking hands and moving them under her armpits. Now more commonly, she crawls over and stands up, wailing, by holding onto my pants leg.
– Frequently, once she gets into my lap, her more specific objective is to twist away from me and seize whatever may be in reach on my table.


3V0321.01 Peggy Walking Solo, with tea table as crutch (12/09/78)

Last night the entire family sat in the living room. Gretchen searched through old files to locate our Encyclopedia Brittanica futures contract; I worried about why the fireplace was smoking (a backdraft through the still open bedroom fireplace chimney). I don’t know — none of them until Robby shouted, “Hey, look at Peggy. She’s walking.” and so she was. Peggy must have pulled herself up on the couch cushion then leaned on the light weight tea table beside the couch. I saw her proceeding across the open floor on two legs, pushing before her the tea table which helped support her upper body.

note: 1/26/2011: something appears missing from this text, around “I don’t know.” compare earlier sources. (RWL)


3V0321.02 Putting on and Putting into (12/09/78)

Yesterday I sat Peggy down on the bedroom floor and pointed out the toys. Her blocks box was there, and I opened it up for her. It was empty. Peggy looked, and immediately grabbed a block off the floor and plunked it into the box. True, she picked it up again and took it out. Then she repeated this sort of thing two or three times. The last time, she left the block in the box, and picked up the box by the handle, swinging it around.


Peggy Study, Panel P45

Themes: Communication, Object Exploration, Family Intereactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 12/2/1978

Text commentary: These clips show pre-verbal communication, early object exploration, and family interactions.

P45A Communication, 13mb

P45B In the Walker, with Robby, 16mb

P45C1 Nesting Boxes & Blocks, 17mb

P45C2 Nesting Boxes & Blocks, 21mb

P45D Box with Blocks, 29mb

P45E1 Corresponding Balls and Boxes, 22mb

P45E2 Corresponding Balls and Boxes, 19mb