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3V0344.01 Words (foot) 01/01/79

WORDS — I have been saying to Peggy “Where’s your foot?” and she will respond more or less quickly, holding up her foot, pointing, and saying “Da!” “Hand” generally brings out clapping. “Nose” pointing, or more often grabbing for my nose.


3V0344.02 Picture Gallery (a major beginning, vision)

Bob put up our file of baby pictures on the wall over the holidays. Peggy immediately noticed their presence. She holds out her [right] hand to them, saying “Da!” and is pleased to be held up close to view them. While we were filming our videotape today, she was likewise noticing whatever was on the walls of the living room.


Peggy Study, Panel P49

Themes: Communication & Pointing, Object Exploration, Family Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 1/1/1979

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P49A1 Body Parts w/GPL, 8mb

P49A2 Pointing w/GPL, 11mb

P49A3 Body Parts w/GPL, 4mb

P49B1 Pointing with Miriam, 10mb

P49B2 Enter Scurry (the dog), 10mb

P49C In the Walker,with Robby, 10mb

P49D Mirror Baby, with Bob, 10mb

P49E1 Standard Objects, 30mb

P49E2 Walking with Aid, 9mb

P49E3 Standard Objects, 12mb

P49F1 Standard Objects, 11mb

P49F2 Pointing at Pictures, 8mb

P49F3 Peggy on TV, 4mb