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3V0351.01 Comprehension limitations.01/08/79

COMPREHENSION LIMITATIONS — Right before New Year, Bob got the dishwasher repaired and reinstalled. Saturday [?] morning it was running for the first time in 10 days. Coming into the kitchen with Peggy, I listened to the sounds and murmured, “Hurray for the dishwasher.” Peggy immediately raised her hands to her head in her imitation of the “boxer’s handclasp” she learned from her grandmother at Thanksgiving (on cue of hurray for Peggy).


3V0354.01 Functional Application: using a comb (1/11/78)

A day or so ago, I washed Peggy’s hair. As I could not find her little brush, I had to use a comb and a regular baby brush. I used the latter while Peggy held the former. She chewed on it a bit, then held one end and tapped her head above and behind the ear with the other end, as it to comb her hair. she might have been trying to pass it in back of her, but she did not let the free end droop, nor put the other hand way back to reach for it, nor move her grasping hand any further up and back.


3V0354.02 Doctor Visit (1/11/79)

Peggy went to see Dr. Merman on the 2nd. He found her to be in good shape, but on the small side. At 17 lbs. 13 oz. and 28 inches, she is in the 10th percentile for weight and the 25th for height. Except for the first month, in which she gained 2 and a half pounds, Peggy has consistently gained more slowly than the other children. Dr. Mermann asked what she ate, and expressed concern that she might not be getting enough protein. He suggested we should try giving her milk from a bottle (in order to assure a pint daily) since she probably could not do that well drinking from a cup, and give her cereal twice a day, with meat and vegetables at lunch (perhaps pureed leftovers from the previous night). Eggs every other day, or even daily. What has happened since then ?

Cereal – based on nutritional information, Peggy normally eats 2-2.5 “servings” each morning, sometimes as many as three. This includes 1/3 – 1/2 pint of milk and supposedly provides 40% – 50% of recommended protein. The supplementary bottle was not a success – she chewed on the nipple but drank little or no milk. As for drinking from a cup, she can manage to swallow several tablespoons of liquid she likes, such as orange juice. she apparently is one of those breast fed babies who just don’t recognize cow’s milk. We are trying yogurt (apple crisp no – too highly flavored[Robby didn’t like it either] but plain grape she liked and ate almost the whole carton) and pudding (first taste of vanilla, so-so). She likes cheese (cheddar) and eggs (scrambled). All in all, she doesn’t seem too badly off. Once she gets a bit skillful with the cup (orange juice) we can try milk again by cup. Already she has picked up the cup herself and drunk from it after having been helped to drink. She is already showing signs of self-feeding. Mostly she uses her fingers, a messy job if the food is cereal or yogurt, frequently while waving a spoon in the other hand. When shown how to use the spoon, or even reminded verbally, she WILL take it and dip it in the food and even eat from it correctly but soon she returns to the familiar fingers. At dinner she is generally happy to have her dish with a little table food on it (rice, noodles, potato chunks, bits of meat, mashed vegetables) for her to work on herself; and at other times she apparently prefers to have her dish or whatever on her tray rather than on the table. Sometimes she fusses a bit or is reluctant to eat any more until the food is moved to within her reach.


3V0354.03 Walking (1/11/79)

By now, Peggy can, under favorable circumstances stand alone unsupported for as long as several seconds. she has also (yesterday) walked several steps, being help only by one hand. In the walker, she has become a terror, running to gain speed, then sliding across the floor (occasionally pushing as on a scooter) until she crashes into something.


3V0354.04 Putting Into (1/11/79)

This evening Peggy was playing in our bedroom with a bead bracelet. Spying Bob’s big work boots, she dropped the bracelet into one of them then pulled it over and looked in. As she pulled, the boot tipped and the bracelet slid towards the toe, so she could not see it nor reach it when she put in her hand. I tipped the boot towards the heel, then showed her the bracelet. She reached in and pulled it out. This scenario was repeated three more times in succession, until Peggy flung aside the bracelet and headed for the hallway.


3V0355.01 Putting into: 01/12/79

After last week’s videotape, wherein Peggy, for the first time, explored putting into of sticks to a cup, I have become more sensitive to her extensions of this exploration – at the table: Peggy’s juice cup has a recessed lid with nipple. I have seen her repeatedly take a cookie, put it in the lid, lift it out to take a bite, and re-insert it in the lid. (This is with nothing else in her food tray.)

This evening she placed her spoon there and, later on, her bead bracelet.
In my lap: Peggy drew my pipe from my shirt pocket. After mouthing it, she offered it to me. Because I have now a “bug” of some sort, I refused to take it in my mouth but, thanking her, replaced it in my pocket. Peggy seized upon the pipe, extracted it, examined the pocket, and re-inserted the pipe in it — When I refused to play with the pipe, Peggy cast her eyes about and, spying a collection of safety (diaper) pins on my table, she showed she wanted them by saying /thae/ and pointing (she now seems to use the pure point more than the “impure” point). After mouthing the four pines (three speared in a circle by the point of the fourth). Peggy extracted my pipe from my pocket — then she inserted the pins in my pocket and withdrew them. Finally, she tried (with 3/4 success) at inserting the diaper pins in the pope bowl.


3V0355.02 Teasing Bob (1/12/79)

Yesterday, Peggy and I played on the spare basement bed. We traded pipe stems. I gave Peggy my pipe stem. She chewed on it then gave it back. Saying “thank you”, I nibbled at it and returned it, “Here.” This was repeated several times. Then Peggy, on giving the pipe stem to me, when I closed my teeth on it, she did not relinquish her grip — but pulled hard to take it from me. It was very clear, from Peggy’s delighted chortling, that she was making a joke, was TEASING me. Later on this same did, she did the same with Gretchen (and Robby took a picture). this incident was not the first time that Peggy has done this to me, but it was the most unmistakable in terms of her intent.


3V0355.03 Picture Gallery: extensive discussion: 01/12/79

The change in Peggy’s behavior after I mounted our collection of children’s pictures in the bedroom was so profound it marks a watershed in her development. Let me elaborate, and begin by describing that collection of pictures.

When Robby was young, I bought a Nikon 35 mm camera and began taking many pictures. Of the many pictures of Robby — and soon after, of Miriam — I selected favorites every six months or so. The favorite slides I had blown up to 5 x 7 inch prints. We framed them and thus created our collection. During the 2 years we were in Boston, we found the printing too expensive, but our collection still contains about 15 pictures of each child from infancy on.

The first consequence of my mounting these pictures was on feeding. Gretchen typically put Peggy to suck early in the morning in bed. Peggy had been tailing off from breast feeding and demanding more solid foods. The first morning she saw the pictures, she began pointing, (/thaet/,/thaet/) excitedly from one to another. All those familiar children;s faces on the wall ! Thereafter, she might, on one day or another, get the breast wet but she was so distracted she stopped breast feeding. Could Gretchen move to another room and try there ?

Peggy has discovered other vertical walls with other things on them. In every room its /thaet/ and pointing — some times at the foxes (2 pictures) in the living room, wall hangings in the kitchen, and even the telephone the radio (which appears to be another telephone).

I believe Peggy has discovered vertical space as visually explorable. But she surely was aware of walls before ? Yes, surely. And trees ? Certainly so, here (our house was in the woods). But typical of her interest in walls and trees was her response to the sight of sunlit trees through the window, especially on days of a light breeze when the leaves sway gently. Many times I carried her to such a window — but the trees went away beyond her reach. Sitting in a patch of leaf-splattered sunlight on the floor, Peggy would try to pick it up, hit, even mouth the shadows.

The pictures are fascinating to Peggy and they don’t go away when you get close. (They even come off the wall for her to play with). Peggy’s exploration of wall-things is still very tactile. By this I mean that, although the sight of a picture wakens her interest, she is immensely frustrated if she cannot touch it. she will point from one to another and call our attention to them (which I interpret as a request that we lift her to touch them) but I have not seen her sit quietly and study them visually.
This change in Peggy’s range of visual interests has already affected our videotaping sessions. In P49, Peggy was so interested in our wall things that she hardly played with the physical objects in her set of toys. I expect that in future sessions she will be more distractible. Even more of a difficulty will be the task of being sensitive to what Peggy is interested in at a given moment.

If I say Peggy;s world has opened up in the vertical dimension, I don;t imply that she knew nothing of height (or other foolishnesses). I mean to imply that her view of space was as of a surface whereon people moved (and this space had multiple layers, as in our living room where one could look up to a second storey balcony). I believe this new interest in my childrens’ picture gallery has literally added a new dimension to Peggy’s life. How can one follow up that speculation ? Will we soon see her building towers of blocks (of course there would be other influences) ? Has it already had an impact on her standing with no hand (probably not directly). Gretchen says it has only been within the past week that Peggy has stood up and disengaged her hands from supports. She stands on the bed, one hand holding the bedstead, the second pointing at pictures right above her. Since we give her pictures to hold, is it that she now has reason to want free hands while standing (and being able to do so has become also an independent objective) ?

I don’t find myself able to conclude this note in any clean way. This merely shows my confusions about what to expect, even more, about what to look for in following up this event.


Peggy Study, Panel P50

Themes: Pointing and Talking, Object Knowledge, Book related behavior
Source: (Lawler); date: 1/8/1979

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P50A In the High Chair, 29mb

P50B Pointing & Talking, 22mb

P50C1 Blocks and Boxes, 10mb

P50C2 Peggy in the TV, 6mb

P50D1 Standard Objects, 16mb

P50D2 Standard Objects, 27mb

P50E1 With a Book, 26mb

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