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3V0366.01 Knowing What Peggy Wants 01/23/79

KNOWING WHAT PEGGY WANTS — Peggy says /∂aet/ and it’s clear she wants something, but it is not clear to us. She says /∂aet/ so much, we might suspect she doesn’t want any particular thing but merely enjoys pointing, talking, and being carried around. Such is not the case at all.

I see many of Peggy’s new tantrums deriving from our not understanding what she wants. An incident at lunch today provides a clear example. After feeding, Peggy’s tray was its usual mess. When she complained and carried on, Gretchen picked up Peggy and gave her some orange juice at which she had pointed and spoken of. Now Peggy started /∂aet/-ing in earnest, many times, with increasing intensity. Gretchen offered Peggy a cookie — her favorite food — but Peggy would have none of it. When she seemed to be pointing in the general direction of her tray, Gretchen held her within reach of it. From the clutter there, Peggy picked out a small piece of toast. She did so immediately, directly, and with precision. I am certain Peggy wanted THAT bit of food before she was near the tray at all.

RELEVANCE — How absolutely useful to Peggy would be learning names. How useful to us as well, specifically in restoring relative calm and quiet at meal time especially, would be Peggy’s learning naming or even some other specification procedure — e.g. we could touch things and she indicate whether it was what she wanted or not.
It has not previously been so clear how great a gap there is between Peggy’s specific desires and her inability to specify what she wants.


3V0368.02 Putting on and putting in are distinguished (1/25/79)

Relevance: These observations document that Peggy has now distinguished putting-on from putting-in. I believe further, that they trace Peggy’s experience through the events in which putting-on developed. The sequence is first, climbing, i.e. putting oneself on (at least getting on); drawing back from an object onto which one might not get if not so risky; putting-on other things as the put-on-able object.

Reflecting further: where might this lead ? This stool is for Peggy literally a “body-support-structure” –ie it is a thing capable of supporting her body. She should be able to dissociate the idea of her body from the support structure, but it will probably be quite a while before she can decompose its arches into legs and a span. However, she may soon discover that some put-on-able objects have the equivalent of a hollow, are thus put-in-able as well, just as cups are — her interest in side insertion should lead to that directly, Will she be surprised to find the putting-in one side may eventuate in coming out the other ? It is clear that the stool and perhaps a solid equivalent should enter our next video tape session.


3V0369.01 More putting on: multiple objects (1/26/79)

I usually sit working in the midst of clutter, a table on one side, a tall stool on the other. When sitting in my lap, as this morning, Peggy points here and there, say /thaet//thaet/, thus she comes in possession of my pipe, my pens or whatever else catches her eye within my reach. Today, sitting on my lap. the stool nearby, Peggy played with a handful of pens. She picked one out, reached over and took it up. Peggy tried a different pen. When it remained on the clip-board (on top of the stool), she added a second pen and then a third. She continued placing and retrieving pens for several minutes.


3V0370.01 A cold & Shampoo cocktail (1/27/79)

Peggy has shown signs of an oncoming cold for more than a day. A running nose, coughing, difficulty sleeping, a fever of 101 degrees this morning — but more trouble was coming. While alone in her crib, during nap time, she apparently reached out to the sink and captured a bottle of Baby Shampoo. Gretchen found it in the crib with the cap off. Peggy had bubbles around her mouth, but it wasn’t possible to tell how much, if any, shampoo she had drunk. The cap was missing; Gretchen was first fearful that Peggy had swallowed it and was quite relieved to find it in a corner, under Miriam’s bed. The pediatrician speculated that Peggy had not drunk much shampoo and that if she had it would not have poisoned her — but since the label warned to keep it from children and we had some ipecac available, she recommended we induce vomiting as a cautious response. Poor baby.

1/28/79 – There appears to be no obvious consequences from Peggy’s trial of yesterday. Her voice is gone – or what there is, is hoarse, but her spirits are definitely improved and her temperature is normal again.


Peggy Study, Panel P052

Themes: Family interactions, Language Pre-cursors, Object Concept development
Source: (Lawler); date: 1/23/1979

Title: Peggy’s First Birthday
Text commentary: These clips show Peggy’s family interactions; this is essential for understanding language development

P52A1 Pretty Peggy-O, 10mb

P52A2 Playing with Miriam, 29mb

P52A3 Reading with Miriam, 15mb

P52B1 Playing with Robby, 8.5mb

P52B2 Reading with Robby, 18mb

P52C1 Standard Objects, 20mb

P52C2 Standard Objects & Book, 20mb

P52D Ball, Insertions with GPL, 17mb