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3V0371.01 Three words: “I want that”. A well formed English sentence; progressive structuration 1/28/79

THREE WORDS — When Peggy has requested this or that, a common response has been the question “You want that?” If we see her smile when we are pointing to a specific object, we give it to her. Today at lunch, trying to communicate to her obtuse parents that she wanted a cookie, Peggy pointed to the counter where they are normally kept (through a table full of other possible desiderata) and repeated with pointed and increasing insistence /ae/aen/∂aet/, the central syllable at a rising tone and stressed.

RELEVANCE — Peggy now owns three verbal forms for saying the same thing. /∂aet/, /hae/∂aet/, and /ae/aen/∂aet/. She uses them to express her desire for some object to other people. She knows, and expects others to know, that these signifiers express her desire. She knows what they are FOR; and she uses them interchangeably — the distinction of impute to her usage (to the extent they are not absolutely interchangeable) is that the more sounds she says, the more emphatic is the pronouncement.

We hear three words in what Peggy utters. I make no claim or implication that Peggy understands words at all. However, what is most striking in this last phrase is that Peggy has uttered (albeit inarticulately) a well formed English sentence with terms for subject, verb, and object. Of course, she does not know THAT. The next development to be expected is her conjunction of naming with this primitive verbal object (to which she relates much as we adults to an unanalyzed idiom), probably in some such sequence as the following (based on the use of naming for further specification and the deletion of the “unnecessary” pronoun /∂aet/.
/object-name/…/ae/aen/∂aet/object-name/…–>> /ae/aen/∂aet/object-name/
/ae/aen/∂aet/object-name/…–>> /ae/aen/object-name/
i.e. the development of structure is progressive discrimination, conjunction, and simplification.


3V0374.01 Bad cold; general comments late in January 1979; (nominal date 1/31/79 added)

Late January — a bad cold. Peggy has been sick for a week and more. vomiting, diarrhea, a low fever, her cries even had to make do with a hoarse little voice. she slept a lot. Videotape session P53 fell under the cloud of Peggy’s cold. The pediatricians advised in several calls that they could do nothing to help her; both she and we had to bear her symptoms.

After the vomiting went on for a few days, it occurred to me that Peggy might also be allergic to some of her foods. She had begun, with the cold, drinking large quantities of orange juice. We stopped offering her that juice and her vomiting ceased. (This may, of course, be no more than a coincidence.)

Peggy’s voice came back by Saturday, 2/3, but she still seems to be needing longer naps than we had become accustomed to. Session P5 (2/5/79) was also a short one (note P54 is split on two tapes: P53 and TIS 76).


3V0376.01 Example of insensitivity to obvious features of objects (2/2/79)

Peggy sits in my lap, often playing with my pipe. Today we sat near my very small table with its clutter of writing implements. Peg took one pen and began poking it into the pipe bowl. Casting her eyes over the clutter, she spied a clear plastic ruler and indicated she wanted it. The width of the ruler is greater than that of the pipe bowl. Peg was puzzled as she kept trying to stuff the ruler end in the bowl. She tried again with the pen. It succeeded but the ruler failed once again and she stopped trying.

Relevance: simple example of her assimilating the ruler to her ‘rod’ scheme and running into trouble.


Infant Peggy Study, Panel P053

Themes: “Reading to Peggy”, Aided Walking, Object Play
Source: (Lawler); date: 1/29/1979

Peggy at One Year
Text commentary: These clips show physical development, and engagement with family and with symbol systems

P53A with GPL reading, 32mb

P53B1 New Blocks, 8.4mb

P53B2 Aided Walking 12.4mb

P53C1 Standing & Magnetic Letters, 7mb

P53C2 Standard Objects, 34mb

P53D In her Walker & with Miriam 7.6mb

P53E On Top Of, 32mb