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3V0398.01 Shaping and imitation (2/24/79)

Perhaps two weeks ago, Peggy had a cookie. In the process of consumption, a rather large piece was broken off and dropped. I retrieved it for her and handed it back.
she took this piece in her free hand and immediately tried to match it to the main body of the cookie in her other, like someone doing a puzzle. Eating, however, was her main interest after a few seconds.

Imitation: about the same time, Peggy had found a small bell tied with yellow yarn. This intrigued her. I wanted to show her how it rang, but she would not yield it to me. I took her arm by the upper part and elbow and gently shook her whole arm. The bell jingled (somewhat dully, since her hand was wrapped around the bell). When I let go, she looked at me, then at the bell in her hand. Then she deliberately raised her hand and shook the bell, producing a tingling again, to her delight.


Peggy Study, Panel P056

Themes: Naming objects and people in pictures, Object Knoweldge, Language use
Source: (Lawler); date: 2/20/1979

Text commentary: These clips focus on object knowledge development and language; Why important ??

P56A Naming, Pictures with GPL, 25mb

P56B Blocks with GPL, 23mb

P56C1 Blocks with Bob, 12mb

P56C2 Blocks with Bob, 25mb

P56D Standard Objects with GPL, 18mb

P56E1 Standard Objects with Bob, 10mb

P56E2 Standard Objects with Bob, 30mb