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3V0423.01 Trying to stick a magnet to the butcher block (3/21/79)

Peggy had a small magnet, from the varied collection that normally are
holding things on the refrigerator door. She approached the smooth
side of the butcher block and held up the magnet to the surface. It did
not hold, of course. She picked it up and very carefully placed it on
the wood again. I do not know if she was trying to make it stick with
pressure, or just attempting to make sure that the magnet was in good
position before she let it go.


3V0426.01 Expression: verbal imitation (3/24/79)

Peggy was very crabby this evening before dinner. At one point Robby
got out some cheese and was sitting at the table with it. Peggy walked
toward him, crying insistently. I told Robby to offer her a piece of
cheese, and he did so. As she reached for it, Peggy said, [OH BOY

At dinner, I mentioned something about cauliflower, and Peggy echoed