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3V0442.01 Verbal imitation of a “word to remember”: <[Stool]> (4/9/79)

Peggy’s verbal imitation is quite well developed. An everyday example.
I sat in my chair with a cup of coffee on a high stool beside it. Peggy
came along and started to shake the stool. “No, no, Peggy, don’t touch
the stool!” “Stool,” Peggy said to herself and toddled off.


3V0444.01 Playing with Scurry; tool, weapons, chimps, and Peggy (4/11/79)

After Peggy became more skilled at toddling around, she and Scurry
have delighted in chasing each other about the house. Scurry bounces
up and down, changes direction running off, hides under the chairs and
peers out. Peggy toddles about, chortling gleefully, sometimes chasing
Scurry, sometimes patting her (the petting is very hard). The latest
prop introduced to this play is a yard stick. Peggy holds one end and
chases Scurry with the other. With such an end grip, the yardsticks’
other end stays on the floor as Peggy chases Scurry who leaps nimbly
over the impediment.

When Peggy gets to use a different grip, she is dangerous. Holding the
yardstick at mid-point and “patting” Scurry with it, or “chasing” her
with it, has given the dog a few bad whacks which she seems to accept
without anger.


Peggy Study, Panel P063

Themes: Playing with Blocks and a Stool; Reading; Standard Object Activity
Source: (Lawler); date: 4/8/1979

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P63A Blocks Play with GPL, 14mb

P63B1 Reading with GPL, 27mb

P63B2 Reading with GPL, 20mb

P63C1 Standard Objects, 19mb

P63C2 Standard Objects, 22mb

P63D1 Objects Extended, 22mb

P63D22 Objects Extended, 20mb