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3V0465.01 “Have Peggy”: adults adjust speech to her understanding (5/early/79)

Peggy has wanted to be picked up a lot lately. Her way of indicating this
is very annoying — she typically comes to where Gretchen is, grabs
Gretchen’s pants leg, and wails. Could we get her to say ‘Up’? No.
Gretchen began saying “Have Peggy?” and continues doing so, even
though this has not inspired Peggy to say what she wants.

Importance — this documents the way we change our speech to try
communicating so that Peggy can understand. There is no implication,
of course, that such speech changes make any difference.


Peggy Study, Panel P066

Themes: Toys & Blocks, Sibling and Parent Interactions, Standard Objects
Source: (Lawler); date: 4/30/1979

Title: ?
Text commentary: These clips show Peggy’s interest driving activity; ZPD & self-construction

P66A Doll, ToyDog, Blocks, 24mb

P66B Blocks and Stool, 9.6mb

P66C w/Sib & GPL, 22mb

P66D1 Reading w/GPL, 21mb

P66D2 Reading w/GPL, 29mb

P66E1 Standard Objects, 27mb

P66E2 Objects, MRL too 13mb