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3V0518.01 Naming with pointing [car] (6/24/79)

Driving in her car seat, Peggy named a car [ka] with pointing
simultaneously. Gretchen.


3V0520.01 Naming with pointing at pictures; alternating car, dog (6/26/79)

Miriam and Peggy were looking at a book by Richard Scary. Peggy
pointed to a picture of a dog driving a car. Miriam said, “Car.” Peggy
pointed again. “Car.” And again. “Car.” About the fourth or fifth
repetition, Miriam was bored and tired of repetition. “Car. Don’t you
know that? How many times do I have to tell you?” I took over. “Car.”
“Car.” “Car…” Then Peggy introduced a variation. “Dog.” “Car.” “Dog.”
“Car.” She pointed first to one, then the other, for what seemed to be
at least a dozen repetitions. I do not know why she does this; she knew
perfectly well what they were. Perhaps it was the sense of power, being
able to invoke a response; perhaps it was curiosity, to see if the answer
would change.


3V0522.01 Tirades disappeared; “comments” instead (6/28/79)

What happened to the ‘tirades’ and recording of them? The attempt at
recording failed because they dropped out of Peggy’s behavior —
rather, they took a reduced form which is more appropriate to call
“comments.” The characteristic of a comment is its length — typically
two or three sentences (as judged [by] patterns of prosody) — and its
relation to pragmatics. Most commonly, Peggy seems to be talking
about what she is doing (as in the “discussion” of bean bags noted
subsequently). It is possible that Peggy tries to talk about things she
wants, but I have no clear examples for reference (we should look for
this sort of occasion; its non-occurrence would also be interesting).
We have been able to record a few samples of “comments” on audio
tape. There are also significant examples of this in videotapes P74 and


3V0524.01 Pragmatics and names [bring me the snuggle gruggle] (6/30/79)

Peggy was playing with a large ball. At one point, when it was not in her
possession and she had been distracted by something, I said to her,
“Peggy, bring me the snuggle gruggle.” Without hesitation she went
over to the ball, picked it up, and brought it to me. Gretchen.


Peggy Study, Panel P074

Themes: Insertion in Cylinders, Standard Objects and Dolls, Social interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 6/26/1979

Text commentary: These clips show Peggy trying insertions and autonomous action

P74A1 Slow Start, 17mb

P74A2 Banger & Hiding, 5mb

P74B1 Cylinders w/Miriam, 22mb

P74B2 Banger w/Miriam, 19mb

P74B3 Cylinders w/Miriam, 18mb

P74B4 Distractions, 7mb

P74C1 Standard Objects, 24mb

P74C2 Objects and Dolls, 20mb

P74D1 Standard Objects w/GPL, 15mb

P74D2 Reading w/GPL, 11mb