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3V0555.01 [Car, car, go, go]: (07/31/79)

I was taking Peggy and Scurry for a walk. I carried Peggy out to the
garage and seated her in the stroller. Peggy waved her hand around and
cried, “Ca’, ca’, go ca’,” indicating she wanted to go for a ride. She has
often said “Ca'” under those circumstances, but never before “Go ca’.”
Walking up the street we came to a place where there are dogs on both
sides, a sheltie and a beagle. Whenever we pass, the sheltie growls at us
and the beagle barks. Neither dog happened to be outside. Peggy
looked from one side to the other, the remarked inquiringly, “Vava’.”
She obviously expected those dogs and wanted to know where they
were. Gretchen.


3V0556.01 Toothbrush: 08/01/79;

Playing on my bed, looking at the older children’s pictures, Peggy saw
my ‘traveling’ toothbrush on the adjacent dresser top. “Have that, have
that” was her cry and I did not stop her from taking it.

Peggy picked up the toothbrush by the handle, examined the bristles,
then tentatively opened her mouth and put the brush sideways on her
tongue. (This mouth insertion was definitely NOT the lip-exploration-
mouthing Peggy usually applies to objects.) When she looked at me, I
laughed, ‘that’s right, Peggy.” She moved the brush a little in her
mouth then brought it out, rubbing the bristles once against her
stomach; she then replaced the toothbrush on the dresser.

Peggy did NOT confuse this brush with any hairbrush (though she is
used to some small ones). The children have not given Peggy any
instruction or practice in brushing teeth. Gretchen and I have not done
so. This is clearly a case of function definition of a specific object
based on observation. (This should not surprise us. Peggy obtrudes into
bathrooms whenever she can to watch people do strange things where
she has nothing to do but rip toilet paper off the roll.)


3V0558.01 Cookie: 08/03/79;

Peggy’s way of expressing her want of a cookie has been for months to
come to the base of a cabinet where they are usually found or known
to be then to point (often rising on tip toe) and repeat
/aenh/aenh/aenh/ with a tone of desperation in her voice.
She has, of course, smiled in delighted affirmation when Gretchen
asked if she wanted a cookie on various other occasions. Today Peggy
came to her favorite cabinet, gestured, and said very clearly /KaKi/
(not KuKi).


3V0558.02 Hi and waving : 08/03/79;

Over the past several weeks, Peggy had delighted in waving good-bye to
another who approaches our main door. She also waves (at me, I know)
when I enter the house and say, “Hi, Peggy, I’m glad to see you.” She
also waves good-bye when going up to bed or for a diaper change (if

I don’t know the extent to which she joins utterance and gesture in
these situations — it is clearly something we should look for.


3V0558.03 Mama! : 08/03/79;

As Gretchen noted earlier [6/26], Peggy would call “Mama,” using that
word when she wanted Gretchen. What is noteworthy now is more the
frequency of Peggy’s use than its early appearances. NOW, any time she
wants anything of Gretchen, Peggy calls “Mama!”


3V0559.01 “Daddy Hug Peggy” : 08/04/79;

Comforting the baby, it was our custom to hold her close and pat her
gently on the back. Amusingly, when she was so comforted, even
though crying, Peggy would return this gentle patting on the back.
Recently, she has begun responding to my statement or question
“Daddy hug Peggy” by toddling close to me, ready to receive a hug.
After my many previous huggings of her toy fox and bear,
accompanied by verbal description, e.g. “Daddy hug Foxy,” Peggy
would hug her toy and would eventually do so in response to a verbal
command (if she wanted to). Sitting in my lap today, I said, “Daddy hug
Peggy.” Her response was to come to me (i.e. lean over to my torso),
put her head on my chest sideways, and put her arms around my waist;
i.e. Peggy hugged me. The activity is the first, with explicit verbal
connection, wherein agent and patient can be interchanged. As such, it
can show both Peggy’s pristine interpretation and can be used as a test
vehicle to explore when and how Peggy begins connecting surface word
order with different roles.

The pristine interpretation of “Daddy hug Peggy” and “Peggy hug
Daddy” is order invariant and seems to be “Daddy and Peggy hug each
other.” This construction of mine reflects an earlier conception of
Mimi Sinclair’s (for older babies, i.e. several years of age) but more
importantly springs out of the evidence itself both of this incident and
Peggy’s earlier “patting.”


Peggy Study, Panel P079

Themes: Playing with Rob, Objects
Source: (Lawler); date: 7/30/1979

Text commentary: These clips show most extensive interactions with Rob; balls, cylinders, beanbag pre-counting

P79A1 Rob’s Toy Car, 22mb

P79A2 Ring Tower, 14mb

P79A3.1 Wooden Nickels, 13mb

P79A3.2 Wooden Nickels, 24mb

P79A3.3 Wooden Nickels, 4mb

P79A3.4 Wooden Nickels, 20mb

P79B1 Standard Objects, 26mb

P79B2 Standard Objects, 29mb