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3V0562.01 Where dada : 08/07/79;

Bob went up to Boston yesterday morning. This afternoon Peggy came
into our bedroom and looked around, especially at his chair, and said,
“Where Dada’.”

Today (8/11) Bob has gone again, and Peggy has been wandering
around off and on calling Dada, sometimes imperiously, sometimes


3V0563.01 Scissors : 08/08/79;

Prospecting for playthings one place or another, Peggy came up with a
pair of children’s safety scissors. Even though they have rounded ends,
I feared Peggy could hurt herself by pinching her fingers and bade her
put them on my writing table. After putting them down, Peggy pointed
at them decisively and said, “That.” Turning to me, she repeated,
“That.” I responded, “Scissors. Those are scissors.” Peggy tried a
pronunciation which might have been /***/ (I distrust the memory as
too pat). I corrected pronunciation. “Yes, those are scissors.”
Peggy turned away and began playing with the sleeves and hems of
clothes hung in the closet behind my writing table. While doing so,
speaking entirely to herself and not attending to the writing table or its
contents, Peggy said [scissors].

Relevance: What we witness here is an infant either rehearsing or
practicing a new word. Did she recall it later? Of course. Gretchen
reports Peggy entered the girls’ room and seeing the same safety
scissors on Miriam’s bed, said, “Scissors.” Did she apply the name to
others? Indeed she did, naming as ‘scissors’ the crude kitchen shears
with which I cut a piece of twine.


3V0566.01 Twirling : 08/11/79;

Peggy enjoys “dancing” whenever I play a recording of fast music. To
her basic step — a bobbing at the knees (with feet firmly planted)
conjoined with a waving of arms — Peggy has now added a second,
turning in place. I can’t document the source of this twirling, but I
suspect it imitates the spinning dizzy game Robby and Miriam have
long played.


Peggy Study, Panel P080

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration
Source: (Lawler); date: 8/5/1979

Text commentary: These clips show the relevance of touch in confirming personal permanence through an opaque object (Pane C1) and then, of sight of one’s self in comprehending penetration of an object with a hole (Pane C3). This is relevant to the importance of the “hand-pass” as proposed by Minsky in his suggestion of how one learns what an arch is.
The “Wooden Nickels” of Pane D were introduced in response to Peggy’s throwing balls to cause rolling: these little “cylinder chunks” sometimes roll when thrown, but not always — an incremental complication of her set of objects.

P80A Grammar Test, 22mb

P80B1 Building Blocks, 13mb

P80B2 Building Blocks, 21mb

P80C1 Cylinder: Touch Through, 10mb

P80C2 Objects & Icecube, 24mb

P80C3 Objects: Go Through, 8mb

P80C4 Objects: Balls Play, 23mb

P80C5 Objects: Bean Bags, 12mb

P80D Small Solid Cylinders, 16mb