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3V0597.01 [sharp]: diaper pins

This morning as I was changing her diaper, Peggy handed me a diaper
pin with the observation [sha] (sharp). She has often been told about
pins, but not recently.


3V0597.02 Gotcha: a game – shows fluidity of actions and control over them at the complete and partial changes of rules (see also P.85)

Peggy has long played a game with me where she would come between
my knees and I would give her a gentle squeeze, saying “gotcha”. Her
control of the game was very clear in such acts as putting her arm
between my legs as bait and in her squeezing my knees together when I
showed a reluctance to play. Today, a new development. Peggy
presented her toy “Bearhug” for squeezing. When I realized her
intention, I complied, but at her first presenting the bear I was
confused, thinking she wanted me to hug the bear, which I did. Peggy
was unhappy and taking the bear with one hand, she held it between
my knees and trying to close my knees with a hand on one she said

What I see as interesting here is the fluid relation of our actions and the
control of them and the complete and partial changing of roles
between hugger and victim. (confer also P85) where this is


Peggy Study, Panel P085

Themes: Scurry, Objects with Bob, Books with Gretchen
Source: (Lawler); date: 9/10/1979

Text commentary: These clips show pre-counting behavior and exploring insertion into and through a cylinder

P85A Scurry & a Problem Solved, 12mb

P85B1 Objects, Counting, 24mb

P85B2 Objects, Counting, 20mb

P85B3 Objects: ball & cylinder, 21mb

P85B4 Objects: ball & cylinder, 22mb

P85C1 Reading w/GPL, 25mb

P85C2 P85C1 Reading w/GPL, 25mb