3V0628.01 [hurt…ham(mer?)]: instrumental case in presyntactic form 10/12/79 Working at completing the partition in Robby’s room, I set a chair across the doorway to keep Peggy away from the tools and paint. Having removed my shoes (paint on the bottom of one), I came out of the room carrying a hammer. Stepping over the obstacles, …

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3V0626.01 [mama hurt. mama hurt. hurt head] Context permits 10/10/79 This morning was a bad one for me. Rearranging the fire in the upstairs fireplace, I banged the back of my head on the lintel. Peggy could see and hear that I was upset. Less than five minutes later, I passed through the partially completed …

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3V0625.01 Spontaneous [wet]: G: are you wet? P: /shen/.=”change”. 10/9/79 Peggy came over to me, pulling at her diaper and exclaiming /weht/. “Are you wet ?” Peggy replied: /shen/. Gretchen.