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3V0623.01 [my daddy]: first recorded use of possessive modifier without hiatus and inverted order (see note #242) 10/7/79

With the picnic table newly set up in the kitchen, Peggy came walking
more or less cautiously down the bench to run to my arms. She put
her arms about my neck as I caught her and exclaimed [my daddy]. I
believe this is the first recorded use of a possessive modifier without a
hiatus and inverted order. (cf. [mine…box] on 9/9/79.)


3V0625.01 Spontaneous [wet]: G: are you wet? P: /shen/.=”change”. 10/9/79

Peggy came over to me, pulling at her diaper and exclaiming /weht/.
“Are you wet ?” Peggy replied: /shen/. Gretchen.


3V0626.01 [mama hurt. mama hurt. hurt head] Context permits 10/10/79

This morning was a bad one for me. Rearranging the fire in the
upstairs fireplace, I banged the back of my head on the lintel. Peggy
could see and hear that I was upset. Less than five minutes later, I
passed through the partially completed partition between the new
bedrooms, didn’t duck far enough, and clocked the top of my head.
Our bed was not far away, so I went and sat down, half crying, half
cursing. Peggy was in the “family room” (our old bedroom). I heard
her go into Miriam’s room, repeating “Mama hurt. Mama hurt. Hurt
head.” (The only thing wrong with this communication is that Miriam
didn’t pay any attention.) Gretchen.


3V0628.01 [hurt…ham(mer?)]: instrumental case in presyntactic form 10/12/79

Working at completing the partition in Robby’s room, I set a chair
across the doorway to keep Peggy away from the tools and paint.
Having removed my shoes (paint on the bottom of one), I came out of
the room carrying a hammer. Stepping over the obstacles, I hit my toe
on it and limped in a stream of expletives to a chair where I sat down.
Peggy was solicitous [hurt ?…ham ?] — which I interpret to mean “did
you hurt yourself with the hammer ?” The sense of this sequence is
instrumental, as the context makes so clear.


Peggy Study, Panel P089

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Relations
Source: (Lawler); date: 10/8/1979

Text commentary: These clips show both growing command of insertions and creative use of language to express ideas; e.g. at the end of P89D4 Peggy points out the nose on her toy, asserts that her Momma has a nose, and touches and identifies Bob’s nose. These are not well formed possessives, but the intention to express such a relationship is clear in the context.

P89A Solid Wood Puzzle, 10mb

P89B Building Blocks, 24mb

P89C Joke: Culdah… Gone, 21mb

P89D1 Standard Objects, 24mb

P89D2 Standard Objects, 22mb

P89D3 Standard Objects, 24mb

P89D4 Standard Objects, 19mb