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3V0630.01 [gotcha]: verbal accompaniment of micro-script.

Peggy sat in my lap as I warmed me toes before the fire. At her request,
the toy Scotty was in her lap. She remarked [fire… hot], repeating our
frequent warning to her. I said “toes warm” and taking her legs, held
up her toes parallel to mine. The toy slipped between her legs, which
she closed on it saying [gotcha]…She laughed, pulled the toy dog out
and replaced it with another [gotcha]. this was done several times.


3V0632.01 [/teh/boin/?]: speculation about remote activity-telephone
[sae/vi]=sorry after poking with a pen. 10/16/79

Upstairs with Peggy when the telephone rang. I went downstairs,
answered it, and returned to Peggy upstairs after a short conversation.
She looked at me and commented /teh/boin/, i.e. “telephone.”

Peggy poked me with a pen. I said “Ouch!” and she replied /sah/vi/
(sorry). Gretchen.


30V633.01 Spontaneous identification of toy whirling-disk as a fan ? 10/17/79

Pointing to a part of her crib toy, a circular multi-colored piece that
spins in either direction when you twirl the knob in the middle, Peggy
identified it (without being asked) as a /faen/.

Peggy sometimes sucks on her middle fingers until they are literally
dripping. However, when I took her (dry) hand and barely nibbled the
tip of one finger, she withdrew with the comment [wet]. Gretchen.


3V0636.01 /cup…au.ehl/: adjective < further specification of idiom "owl-cup"; idiom degenerates and is reconstructed from more successfully competitive /kup/ in pre-standard order MAJOR EXAMPLE

Pointing to my own coffee cup, Peggy remarked /kuhp/, then after a
pause said /au ehl/ (owl). I have always identified this cup for Peggy as
my owl cup, and pointed out the picture on both sides. Gretchen.


Peggy Study, Panel P090

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration
Source: (Lawler); date: 10/15/1979

Text commentary: Clips C & E show command of a few names and action words. There is no evidence of inflection for number. Neither “and” nor “in” are used. “Out” is spoken appropriately, but only on removal of an item from my shirt pocket.

P90A1 Building Blocks, 19mb

P90A2 Building Blocks, 22mb

P90B What Peg Wants?, 11mb

P90C1 Naming Toys, 16mb

P90C2 Naming Toys, 17mb

P90D Walking a Bike, 14mb

P90E1 Toys & Relations, 22mb

P90E2 Rolling Bell and “Get”, 8mb

P90F Standard Objects, 15mb