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3V0638.01 Holophrase sequences: [goody…scurry…food…treat] see note below: # 289 10/22/79

Peggy knows where Scurry’s goodies are kept, and often asks to give
her one (frequently giving it a nibble herself in transit). She has always
called it /fu/ (“food”). Today, as I got Scurry’s heartworm pill from
the shelf above, Peggy pointed up and said /guh/di (goodie)…/kur/di/
(Scurry)…/fu/ (food)…/trit/ (treat). This is, I think, the first time I
have heard her give a multiple identification of something, using
different words to apply to the same object. (The “cup”…”owl” seems
more like “mama…eye”, a description of an attribute rather than an
alternate definition.) Gretchen.


3V0638.02 Everything’s a pen if it comes out of my pocket. 10/22/79

Recently I’ve done some electrical work. I usually keep small tools in
my pockets — a screwdriver, for instance. when Peggy sat in my lap
this afternoon, she found in my shirt pockets a pen knife (she had seen
it before and knew it as a knife), a screwdriver (she decided “pen” after
examining it) and short pieces of wire (these also she called “pen”. I
named these objects – “screwdriver….. wire” Peggy imitated my names
for them, replaced them in my pocket. Withdrawing them again, she
said “pen” and “pen”, looking at each in turn.


3V0638.03 Naming: metalinguistic note: changes in the name of Scurry; Naming Miriam and LaRene /nehm/. 10/22/79

Over the past week or two, Peggy’s name for Scurry has shifted
somewhat from /kuhl/dah/ or /kuhl/dae/ or /kar/di/ (roughly). She
has shown a tendency also to call other dogs /dawg/ rather than
/kuhl/dae/. I have told her that Scurry is a dog, and what we call her,
her name, is Scurry. The last time I did so, Peggy repeated /naim/.
During the same time, she has been making an effort to name Miriam
also. (cf. naming Robby, 10-3; naming Miriam, 10-1). Her usual
rendition is “Mimi” or “Mamie”, with occasional attempts that sound
like Mary. While LaRene D. was here this past week, Peggy called her
/rin/. Gretchen.


3V0639.01 /gae/mr/ = grandmother (visiting); /teh/teh/=tickle. 10/23/79

Peggy’s grandmother has been visiting for the past several days. Today
Peggy names her /graemm’r/. Gretchen.


3V0639.02 [hold dog]:assembled command. 10/23/79

Going upstairs, Peggy paused at the bottom, then handed me her
“snoopy” pull toy and ordered [hold dog]. Gretchen.


3V0643.01 Verbal imitation + action:[Shame (on scurry; kicks her)] (10/27/79)

Today Scurry committed some minor fault against Peggy (such as
eating her cookie) and I scolded her. “Shame on you, Scurry,” Peggy
repeated [s’em] then kicked the dog neatly under the chin (She was
wearing shoes.) Gretchen.


Infant Peggy Study, Panel P091

Themes: Talking, Sibling Interactions, Object Play
Source: (Lawler); date: 10/22/1979

Title Peggy Starts Quarter Eight
Text commentary: These clips show talk becoming important; physical object and symbol use development

P91A Ball with Rob, Talk, 14mb

P91B Words with Miriam, 39mb

P91C Books within Reach, 3mb

P91D Blocks, Talking, with Bob, 25mb

P91E Standard Objects, 52mb

P91F Other Objects, Talk, 12mb