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3V0686.01 [gone…bird] Formulation: pre-sentences as further verbal specification of a well worked out scenario of action (along with infant’s gradually increasing sense of what else it might have meant). (12/4/79)

Peggy has been playing her “gone” joke or game (cf. ???) for sometime.
Frequently when she says gone, I ask “What’s gone?” Today, while
[playing with a wind-up hopping toy bird “Woodstock,” Peggy thrust
the toy behind her back and said “gone…bird.” The latter word
following the former with a missed beat (a half second or so). I
consider this an important example of how Peggy is beginning to
assemble complex proto-phrases. Note well that they are syntactically
irregular and proceed as further verbal specification of a well worked
out scenario of action.


3V0687.01 [gone…room] answers “what happened to your pants?” progressive specification example. (12/13/79)

Peggy came into my ken in a short [shirt?] and diaper. “Peggy, what happened
to your pants ?” “Gone…room,” she responded.

Here the meaning of “gone” is clearly applied beyond the scenario of
her game — but the pattern of her response is progressive specification.


3V0688.01 Directions and conversation: [there…up]; [throw… down] (12/4/79)

As I was sitting in the big recliner, Peggy came over to me and
requested, “Book.” confused, I replied, “Book…Where ?” Peggy waved
her hand in the general direction behind me and said, “There…up.”
following her instructions, I located the Sesame Street record, whose
built in “book” was what she desired. I took this down and gave it her.

I think it was a toy Peggy had upstairs. I heard a noise, and came out to
inquire, “What was that ? Are you OK, Peggy ?” She pointed and
replied, “Throw down.” Indeed, she had thrown the toy down the


3V0689.01 Conversation: adverbial phrase sans pause assembled from fragments of Gretchen’s phrases. (12/12/79)

Today Peggy inquired of me “Daddy ?”
G: “Daddy’s coming home… probably tonight.”
P: Back ?”
G: “Yes, Daddy’s coming back.” “Soon.”
Later on, I said something about Daddy, and Peggy responded, “Back soon.”

In one of our conversations, Peggy said something I did not catch.
I made a guess. “Lawler? Your name is Lawler.” She looked at me, then
repeated her statement complete with gesture so I should not again
misinterpret, “shoulder.” (pointing to the same). Gretchen.


3V0689.02 Singing. Play [morny dew]; ride [boton…lynn] (12/12/79)

About this time, Peggy began referring to “Morning Dew” to indicate
she wanted to hear some Irish Music (One of our newest records is
Makem and Clancey’s “Two for the Morning Dew” with two songs
referring repeatedly to “early in the morning dew” and “two for the
morning dew.”

Playing with Peggy, I bounced her on my lap and dropped her between
my knees. Peggy immediately said “Bo’ton…Lynn” (referring to “Ride a
horse to Boston…” which we have done with her.) Gretchen.


3V0690.01 Harp and Guitar: naming shows assimilation of a new object to a familiar schema with spontaneous naming, social differentiation of relations, and her locking in the relationship. (12/13/79)

We were all watching the Marx Brothers movie “Monkey Business.”
(Note also that bob Despain recently gave Miriam an old Guitar of his.)
At one point, Harpo played a harp and Peggy said, “Guitar.” Gretchen
said, “No, Peggy, that’s a harp.” I continued, “That’s O.K., Peggy; it’s a
kind of guitar.” Peggy concluded definitely, ” ‘tar.”

Peggy’s naming reflect her assimilation of a new object to a familiar
scheme with spontaneous naming, social differentiation of the new
object from the old, recognition of their relations, and her “locking in”
the relationship. She has done this with other objects as well, but the
examples escape me now.


Peggy Study, Panel P098

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 12/9/1979

Text commentary: This is the period of transition from pre-verbal vocal communication to shared language; a critical step to language competance

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