3V0731.01 At the Childrens’ Museum (1/23/89) Peggy and the rest of us came to Boston for her birthday. My reasons for proposing this trip were that I though she would enjoy the infant’s castle at the children’s museum, to introduce her to the Kuehnle’s, and to introduce her to Logo. We all went to the …

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3V0728.01 CAUSE – toilet training; cause, agent, effect (1/20/80) We have tried to interest Peggy in using a small toilet. She plays with it, pushing around the house, chasing the dog with it, and so forth – investigating the removable pot and peering at it every which way. Now she knows the clothes come off …

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3V0728.01 [Robby…lookit] vocative + verb example (plus others) (1/20/80) Another example of a vocative-verb to element structure. Peggy, just now, (1/29/80) came out with another, more directly comparable to ‘Mimi…did-it’), she carried a book to Robby and said ‘Robby, do-it.’


3V0724.01 [no…no…no] accompanies failure of trial fitting shapes into holes of box. (1/16/80) Playing with her shapes box, Peggy held a shape in her hand and matched it with the holes on one side of the box. ‘No…no…no.’ She turned to another side. ‘No…no…no.’ Then she turned to the correct hole and immediately fitted the …

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3V0720.03 First time Peggy opens shape-fitting toy box. (1/12/80) For the first time, Peggy opened her shape-fitting toy box. On later days, she has delighted in dumping out the pieces and fitting them back in through the holes.


3V0720.02 [joke… knock-knock]: verbally formulated classification based on a single exemplar. 1/12/80) We all sat at table this evening. Either Gretchen and I teased and all of us laughed, Peggy too. I believe I asked her what she laughs about (the joke was one she could not comprehend). Peggy responded, “joke…” and then continued “knock-knock.” …

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3V0720.01 [fork…hurts…arm…me]: Peggy’s most complex phrase construction before the upsurge of pause deletion and appearance of anchoring with variation in her verbal productions (1/12/80) Peggy stabbed herself with the tines of a fork. I can’t recall whether she was in her high chair or helping unload the dishwasher, but her words and pauses are certain. …

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3V0718.02 Tirades: reappearance as singing (cf. P103-105); talking to Scurry. (1/10/80) Failing earlier to capture Peggy’s tirades mechanically, I’ve been delighted to find this behavior re-emerge. The most striking example appeared as Peggy led Scurry around the house on the leash. She spent considerable time yammering at Scurry as she took her on this inside …

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3V0718.01 Who’s there ? (Original notes on homely binding and lonely discovery) (1/10/80) Peggy’s use of the knock-knock joke script has been monolithic — ie. she would not respond in the victim’s role, nor would she continue in any way no matter what response her victim made. This morning, when I brought some coffee to …

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3V0709.02 [Mimi did it…Peggy’s] Good example; issues important; developing a vocabulary to describe observed phenomena. (1/1/80) The situation to which the locution applies was Miriam’s making a wrapped package, a present, and giving it to Peg. Peggy brought it to me to show. what is significant here is the pause/connected structure of the phrasing. There …

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3V0706.02 Puppy in Boston: default location of “gone” animate things (12/29/79) Over the past several weeks, Peggy has often given evidence of distinguishing between the sound of a bark and the word as the name of the sound. One of the puzzles Peggy received for Christmas was a five piece Puppy puzzle. Peggy came crawling …

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3V0706.01 Knock knock jokes: story used in ACR chapter of CECD. (12/29/79) Jokes have been much in the air lately. I’ve worked on OCL: Inventing Jokes. Miriam made me a joke book as a Christmas present. Peggy has begun telling knock-knock jokes, apparently in imitation (without instruction): Peggy: knock-knock ? Victim: Who’s there ? Peggy: …

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3V0703.01 [Mimi…mad…Mimi…fall down] Expressed speculation. (12/26/79) Miriam has been playing with her old set of infant size legos which we gave Peggy for a Christmas present. She has tried through much of the day to construct a mobile dog (dragon?) and failed with amazing consistency. Lately cries of “awg !!” have been coming down from …

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3V0700.02 Knives and spoons: learning the word “fork”; called initially a spoon; when I named the object as fork, she called it a “foon”; counting incident. (12/23/79) When the dishwasher cycle ended, I asked Miriam to put away the dishes. Helpful Peggy was easily recruited. She started selecting silverware from the dishwasher and carried it …

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3V0700.01 [apples…all gone] (12/23/79) Peggy has been sick the last few days — running nose, cough and excessive vomiting. We decided to regularize her diet by removing the large bag of apple I recent bought from Bishop’s Orchard. Peggy has been eating enormous quantities of apples (for one her size). I removed that bag in …

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3V0699.01 Peggy’s first arch. (12/22/79) During many experiments, Peggy has played with the blocks shown in this picture, has even been shown an arch (in P??) — but she exhibited little interest in the blocks except as objects to pile and kick over. At the end of P99, Peggy took these blocks and piled them …

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3V0696.01 [run…running]: effect of variant form in parent expression; interpreted by Peggy as correction. (12/19/79) Peter Spier’s “London Bridge is Falling Down” is one of Peggy’s favorite books. She really likes the page on which is “Iron and steel will bend and bow.” Inevitably she points to the figure in the middle. “Run.” (Gretchen responds:) …

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3V0690.01 Harp and Guitar: naming shows assimilation of a new object to a familiar schema with spontaneous naming, social differentiation of relations, and her locking in the relationship. (12/13/79) We were all watching the Marx Brothers movie “Monkey Business.” (Note also that bob Despain recently gave Miriam an old Guitar of his.) At one point, …

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3V0689.01 Conversation: adverbial phrase sans pause assembled from fragments of Gretchen’s phrases. (12/12/79) Today Peggy inquired of me “Daddy ?” G: “Daddy’s coming home… probably tonight.” P: Back ?” G: “Yes, Daddy’s coming back.” “Soon.” Later on, I said something about Daddy, and Peggy responded, “Back soon.” In one of our conversations, Peggy said something …

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3V0683.02 Kicking and hurt feelings. (12/6/79 and earlier) Peggy’s control over her supports, her legs, has been of apparent and considerable interest to her, I recall her joy at being able to jump with both feet when first she could and, most recently (12/20 ff.), her tapping with one foot to music while standing [this …

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3V0683.01 CHIN: word learning and private review in play. (12/6-7/79) Peggy found an old doll of Gretchen’s in the basement. She brought it to Miriam (who was sitting in my lap) and me and began pointing to and naming what struck her — the dress, the hair, face parts — eyes, nose. I realized that …

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3V0674.01 COUNTING (carrying two cookies) [one, two, seven] ONE, TWO, SEVEN (11/27/79) Peggy came into the study (living room) with cookies in hand (one each) and said to me “two”. She continued beyond me, saying, “One, two, seven”. [FOOTNOTE: Later note on date written up: 12/6 This evening, I asked Miriam is she had been …

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3V0670.01 UP & DOWN: symmetrical relations; very IMPORTANT DATA on word-thing relations: she relates words and their structures of meaning through reversibility as actions. (11/23/79) Peggy wandered into the living room today with her “Bear Hug” in hand. She held it high “Up” and put it on the ground “Down.” She repeated this exercise several …

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3V0647.01 Baby becomes a toddler on getting shoes. (10/27/79 & 11/1/79) Peggy just got her first pair of shoes (blue sneakers) and appears very pleased. I remarked to her that she is a big girl now and had her very own shoes, so she would not have to use other peoples’, and Peggy in reply …

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3V0644.01 [/pinsh/ (punches doll)…shame] (10/28/79) Peggy had her doll completely undressed. At one point, she punched it on the chest, remarking as she did [pinsh…s’em]. Gretchen.


3V0638.02 Everything’s a pen if it comes out of my pocket. 10/22/79 Recently I’ve done some electrical work. I usually keep small tools in my pockets — a screwdriver, for instance. when Peggy sat in my lap this afternoon, she found in my shirt pockets a pen knife (she had seen it before and knew …

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30V633.01 Spontaneous identification of toy whirling-disk as a fan ? 10/17/79 Pointing to a part of her crib toy, a circular multi-colored piece that spins in either direction when you twirl the knob in the middle, Peggy identified it (without being asked) as a /faen/. Peggy sometimes sucks on her middle fingers until they are …

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3V0632.01 [/teh/boin/?]: speculation about remote activity-telephone [sae/vi]=sorry after poking with a pen. 10/16/79 Upstairs with Peggy when the telephone rang. I went downstairs, answered it, and returned to Peggy upstairs after a short conversation. She looked at me and commented /teh/boin/, i.e. “telephone.” Peggy poked me with a pen. I said “Ouch!” and she replied …

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3V0622.01 [mama got eye]: MAJOR NOTE on cognitive structures behind speech; topic and comment at “discourse” level, not a word level. 10/6/79 Gretchen long ago began instructing Peggy in the names of body parts, especially of the face. Recently, Peggy has surprised me by making comments about the commonality of the body parts. For example, …

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3V0620.02 [memi]: calling Miriam by name. Peggy was inquiring for her father, “Dada ?” I told her he was in Boston. Peggy then said /meh/mi/ which I interpreted as “Miriam.” Gretchen.


3V0615.05 More word practice and an inference: “sleepy” is a signifier appropriate to an observed yawn. 9/26/79 I yawned. Peggy looked at me and immediately inquired /S’ipi ?/ The following morning a similar incident occurred with Miriam. For a day or so, every time any one yawned, Peggy would as /s’ipi?/ This is another word …

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3V0611.01 Counting cookie request [one…two…two ?] 9/25/79 This morning, Peggy asked for a cookie. As I gave it to her, she said “One,… two…. two ?” She waited until I gave her a second cookie. Gretchen.


3V0605.01 [kiss]: kisses doll spontaneously; verbal self-direction 9/19/79 While I was working in the kitchen, Peggy walked by holding a doll. She held it up , said “kiss” and kissed the doll. A week later (9/26) Peggy repeated this with me, saying spontaneously [kiss] and leaning over to kiss me. (text repeated in 3V0611.1). Gretchen.


3V0597.01 [sharp]: diaper pins This morning as I was changing her diaper, Peggy handed me a diaper pin with the observation [sha] (sharp). She has often been told about pins, but not recently.


3V0594.02 ONE, TWO: [one, two]: note on standardization of Peggy’s counting 09/08/79; You can’t avoid counting, and it’s hard to avoid instructing those who don’t know what you know — but we’ve been trying to avoid instructing Peggy. The children are persistent, at odd moments that we can’t witness. So Peggy’s idiosyncratic counting [one, one, …

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3V0593.01 [maemae take bath]: CENTRAL NOTE: first complex follow up to /cul’/du/vae/vae’/ 9/7/79 This morning, as Peggy and I played on the bed, Gretchen asked if I were going to take a bath, and we agreed she should do so first. Peggy played with her bear, picked up a book, called out “Mama !” and …

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3V0591.01 [on]: draw a heart on my arm. 9/5/79 Another case of “on” meaning “put something on my arm” — Peggy and Miriam both sat on my lap. I drew a heart on the back of Miriam’s hand. Peggy held up her hand crying [on… on… on… ] so that I should also draw a …

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3V0587.01 /cul’/du/vae/vae’/: CENTRAL INCIDENT;major insight ascribed on basis of incident. 9/1/79 Over the past several weeks, our house has suffered a greater than usual density and flux of Tintin cartoon books. As do the older kids, Peggy enjoys them. She brings a magazine, says /aen//aen/ and convinces one to hold her in his lap while …

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3V0581.01 Increased Specificity: 8/26/79; By now it is clear that Peggy is trying to communicate (orally) on a wider scale. “Dat, dat, dat” lacked any specificity and soon outran its usefulness. She then developed a remarkable range by merely varying the pitch on a neutral syllable [***], repeated several times. Now she seems to be …

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3V0579.02 Door shut on foot : 08/24/79; Yesterday Peggy, Miriam, and I drove downtown. We stopped at Gordy’s and I left the two of them in the car. When I returned, Peggy was crying lustily and Miriam explained that she (Miriam) had opened the door and closed it again on Peg’s foot. Today I said …

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3V0575.01 “Duff”: 08/20/79; Peggy has been imitating words we speak (usually the last one of an utterance) for quite some time. If I note anything special about this imitation now, it is its becoming so pervasive as to be the norm in her response now. When offered some cake this evening, Peggy responded /***/ to …

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3V0574.02 “One” : 08/19/79; Peggy has begun using the sound “one” to indicate that she wants some particular thing. The use may have come from my giving her one cookie for one hand and one cookie for the other (cf. VT P82 for her counting 3 bean bags as one…one…SZBTFG[?]). Today, requesting a cookie, she …

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3V0569.02 Putting On : 08/14/79; Peggy removed the plastic cover from a package of latchhook yarn. She has played with these before over the past two months. The cover is a cylindrical piece of plastic about 2 in. high and 2 in. in diameter as a circle, just right for Peggy to use as a …

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3V0569.01 Gone : 08/14/79; Peggy has been using the word ‘gone’ since the VT of August 6. By it she means finished, empty, nothing left. Today I helped her get the last of a container of yogurt. Then I put the cap back on, preparatory to throwing it out. Peggy watched and remarked, “Gone?”


3V0563.01 Scissors : 08/08/79; Prospecting for playthings one place or another, Peggy came up with a pair of children’s safety scissors. Even though they have rounded ends, I feared Peggy could hurt herself by pinching her fingers and bade her put them on my writing table. After putting them down, Peggy pointed at them decisively …

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3V0562.01 Where dada : 08/07/79; Bob went up to Boston yesterday morning. This afternoon Peggy came into our bedroom and looked around, especially at his chair, and said, “Where Dada’.” Today (8/11) Bob has gone again, and Peggy has been wandering around off and on calling Dada, sometimes imperiously, sometimes inquiringly.


3V0558.02 Hi and waving : 08/03/79; Over the past several weeks, Peggy had delighted in waving good-bye to another who approaches our main door. She also waves (at me, I know) when I enter the house and say, “Hi, Peggy, I’m glad to see you.” She also waves good-bye when going up to bed or …

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3V0556.01 Toothbrush: 08/01/79; Playing on my bed, looking at the older children’s pictures, Peggy saw my ‘traveling’ toothbrush on the adjacent dresser top. “Have that, have that” was her cry and I did not stop her from taking it. Peggy picked up the toothbrush by the handle, examined the bristles, then tentatively opened her mouth …

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3V0555.01 [Car, car, go, go]: (07/31/79) I was taking Peggy and Scurry for a walk. I carried Peggy out to the garage and seated her in the stroller. Peggy waved her hand around and cried, “Ca’, ca’, go ca’,” indicating she wanted to go for a ride. She has often said “Ca’” under those circumstances, …

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3V0550.02 /va/va’/ (7/26/79) out walking with Peggy, we heard (but did not see) a dog bark. Peggy pointed in the general direction of the sound and said /va/va’/. Gretchen.