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3V0126.01 Nursing: socialization and vocalizations; “owl cup” fascination 05/28/78

text needs to be recovered from earlier documents


3V0138.03 Siblings Playing with Robby and Miriam: 6/9/78, 4, 18

text recovery needed for this vignette


3V0321.01 Peggy Walking Solo, with tea table as crutch (12/09/78)

Last night the entire family sat in the living room. Gretchen searched through old files to locate our Encyclopedia Brittanica futures contract; I worried about why the fireplace was smoking (a backdraft through the still open bedroom fireplace chimney). I don’t know — none of them until Robby shouted, “Hey, look at Peggy. She’s walking.” and so she was. Peggy must have pulled herself up on the couch cushion then leaned on the light weight tea table beside the couch. I saw her proceeding across the open floor on two legs, pushing before her the tea table which helped support her upper body.

note: 1/26/2011: something appears missing from this text, around “I don’t know.” compare earlier sources. (RWL)


3V0377.01 Neat phenomena and instruction: An Ale Bottle — (2/03/79)

Peggy has long had the habit of carrying ale bottle. We separate glass trash for recycling and Peggy has long been able to careen over in her walker, select one she likes, and continue charging about the ground floor waving her prize. She usually puts various parts of the bottle in her mouth at various times.

After lunch today, Peggy sat in my lap. As she asked for that or that or that from my table, finally for an empty ale bottle, I held it off from her long enough to make it sound by blowing across the mouth of the bottle. Peggy was amazed and delighted. After becoming sure that the sound came from the bottle when I held it to my mouth, Peggy demanded it from me. She took the bottle to her mouth and tried to make it sound; he best attempt was a humming with her mouth over the bottle opening. This should be no surprise. Peggy;s brother and sister also had trouble with this trick until they were much older.

Relevance: another homely example – this time of Peggy trying to do something that fascinates her but is clearly beyond her capability.

Note: 6/14/2012: looks like a dating / sequence error in Vignette / file name


3V0484.01 Observation Hiatus while thesis completed. (5/21/79)

Completing my thesis on time for this semester’s graduation has been a
primary disaster for the natural observations of Peggy’s development.
I regret this lost material profoundly, and fear that it is from the period
of development which would have been most illuminating about
subsequent appearances of order in Peggy’s speech and more general
problem solving.

(later note: most of the observations from early April through this date
are reconstructions, based on a list of events jotted down on a
chalkboard in my study.)


3V0772.01 Plan for Reading list: March 3rd-April 4th,1980

record located in notes near August 28, 1980:
This reading list will be first set up as a spread sheet then modified for
insertion in this file and copied to it. (roughly 160 entries)

not clear that this plan was ever completed. (RWL, March 2011)


3V1071.06 Reading words (a few days ago): instruction in 1-1 correspondence

A few days ago, Peggy wanted me to read “Babar Saves the Day.” We sat
down and looked at the cover. Peggy sort of waved her hand around
and said, “Babar Saves the Day.” I repeated the title to each word as
I said it.{??} Peggy said very slowly, “Ba…Bar” and ran her finger under the
appropriate syllables.


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