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3V0981.01 Meta-linguistic knowledge: “I can’t read words” (9/29/80)

Peggy clambered onto my bed where I lay reading — then got down to
get a Tintin to read to me. She said, after propping it open and most
unhappily, “I can’t read words.” I comforted her, “You have to learn
how to do that sweety. It’s very hard, but you’ll be able to do it.”


3V0981.02 Talking about places: complexity of Peggy’s interpretive situation (9/29/80)

Miriam recorded this dialogue about Peggy’s new toy Bunny:
Peggy: I got my Bunny at the book store.
Miriam: No. You got it at the Hole in the Wall.
Peggy: Where the book shop ?
Miriam: Near the Hole in the Wall.
Peggy: I thought it was Pizza Store (The Book Swap is there).

Here we have the problem of houses again. What does mean ? Clear
example of Peggy’s articulate definition of a problem we never noticed
or heard of.

Later note: What did I mean here ? Her interpretive situation is more
complex than we imagined. To someone 30 inches high, all bookstores
may look alike.