3V0582.01 [up] = “on top of” in play with toy car;
issues ascription of insight about “up”. 8/27/79

Playing with a “matchbox racer”, Peggy pushed the little car along the
floor, up the vertical walls of the glass door, over the dresser and on its
side, making all the while a /ziz/ziz/ziz/ sound (this imitates our
noises made as we move our hands in wide gestures to tickle her).
When she drove her little car over the upper edge of the dresser onto
the horizontal surface, Peggy said to herself [up].

Relevance: in Gretchen’s note of “up” and these two observations, we
see Peggy clearly apply three distinct meanings of “up.” The
occurrence of them within the short time span, and their unsolicited
occurrence, testify that some process of discrimination is at work on
the range of meanings to which “up” is applied. The point I drive to is
an ascription: Peggy has experienced some insight, on of word
comprehensions, which has increased for her the salience of the word
“up.” Using the word “up” for three quite different denotations, she
can thus connect and discriminate the relations instantiated in each of
the three.

In addition to this descriptive use of “up,” Peggy now uses “up” to
signify either that she wants me to hold her (standing), to take her in
my lap or some object from her precendent to her sitting in my lap.

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