Peggy Study, Panel P074 Themes: Insertion in Cylinders, Standard Objects and Dolls, Social interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 6/26/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Peggy trying insertions and autonomous action P74A1 Slow Start, 17mb P74A2 Banger & Hiding, 5mb P74B1 Cylinders w/Miriam, 22mb P74B2 Banger w/Miriam, 19mb P74B3 Cylinders w/Miriam, 18mb P74B4 Distractions, 7mb P74C1 …

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Peggy Study, Panel P072 Themes: Vocal/Verbal Behavior, Object Knowledge, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: 6/12/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show importance of books for topics of conversation; mobility and difficulty of control. P72A1 “That” Indication, 20mb P72A2 Reading with GPL, 27mb P72B1 With Bob & Scurry, 19mb P72B2 With Bob (lightened), 8mb P72C1 Standard …

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Peggy Study, Panel P071 Themes: Talking, Books, Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 6/6/1979 Title: Text commentary: This panel begins with some language performance tests and offering Peggy choices about what to do; despite segments on books and objects, the common theme of interest is pre-verbal communication in social interactions . P71A1 Language tests, 24mb P71A2 Talk …

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Peggy Study, Panel P077 Themes: A “Bouncy” Cushion, MRL & GPL Reading, Beanbags and Objects being Put-on Source: (Lawler); date: 7/15/1979 Title: Rubber Cushion; Reading; Pre-Counting Text commentary: The rubber cushion as a “new” kind of object/medium; all this reading is strange; why was it done? P77A Beanbags & Stools, 16mb P77B1 Standard Objects, 6.8mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P076 Themes: Objects & Pre-Counting, “Soccer”, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 7/10/1979 Title: Pre-Counting, Text commentary: Pre-Counting in ZPD; Precursor of later development. P76A1 Pre-Counting w/Bob, 18mb P76A2 Pre-Counting w/GPL, 24mb P76A3 Pre-Counting w/GPL, 37mb P76B “Soccer” w/Miriam, 6.1mb P76C1 Standard Objects, 24mb P76C2 Standard Objects, 31mb


Peggy Study, Panel P069 Themes: Stuffed Animals, Pictures in Books, Exploring Convexity Source: (Lawler); date: 5/21/1979 Title: Increasing language behavior Text commentary: These clips show growing verbal behavior; they focus on ZPD as base for linguistic development P69A1 Stuffed Animals, 24mb P69A2 Talking with Animals, 14mb P69A3 Wrestling Match, 11mb P69B1 Baby Animals Book, 31mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P068 Themes: Sibling Play, Reading w/GPL, Objects w/GPL Source: (Lawler); date: 5/13/1979 Title: More Time for Mom Text commentary: P68 shows more interaction with Mom. P68A Playing with Miriam, 27mb P68B1 Reading w/GPL, 38mb P68B2 Reading w/GPL, 26mb P68B3 Reading w/GPL, 10mb P68C1 Objects w/GPL, 17mb P68C2 Objects w/GPL, 27mb


Peggy Study, Panel P066 Themes: Toys & Blocks, Sibling and Parent Interactions, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 4/30/1979 Title: ? Text commentary: These clips show Peggy’s interest driving activity; ZPD & self-construction P66A Doll, ToyDog, Blocks, 24mb P66B Blocks and Stool, 9.6mb P66C w/Sib & GPL, 22mb P66D1 Reading w/GPL, 21mb P66D2 Reading w/GPL, 29mb …

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P078, Peggy at 18 months (video): balls and cylinders, ring tower, wooden nickels w/Miriam; standard objects.


3V0545.02 /va/va’/ : 07/21/79; Today (Saturday) Miriam got an allergy shot. Peggy came along for the ride. When we returned to our car, a station wagon with a large white dog (Samoyed?) had parked next to us. I pointed the animal out – “See Peggy, see the nice dog.” Peggy looked and replied /va/va’/. The …

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3V0545.01 VERBAL LABELS: 07/21/79; Peggy frequently points to or touches things saying “that” with an intonation not signifying interrogation. I would say she uses the standard declarative intonation except that it might imply an intention — but that is precisely what we don’t know. Does she mean “Look at that” ? “I recognize that” ? …

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3V0544.01 “reading” Scientific American: 07/20/79 Since Miriam offered to “read the book” (Madeline), Peggy has pestered us to read to her. The selection is surprising. Today she came careening through the gallery pass-way waving a Scientific American and saying distinctly (to herself — she was nowhere near me yet) [read]. We did, after lunch, “read” …

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3V0541.04 Vocabulary at 18 months Spoken spontaneously: mama cah [car] ve [wet] hot dada cae [cat] su [shoe] dau [down] dat [that] vava’ [dog] b/\ [bug] how zat Repeated after someone: da [doll] scissors cookie tree cold water Understood (not exhaustive) and/or recognized: Peggy (of course), change diaper, up, yogurt, have Peggy, bread, out, egg, …

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3V0541.03 [right!] Comprehension issue (7/17/79) Peggy and I had a fight today. I was charging about the house, all concerned with th beam-raising project or its clean up. Peggy was toddling about with the yardstick, probably looking to chase Scurry with it. We collided. The yardstick and my left shin. Peggy was knocked [over]. I …

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3V0541.02 Comprehension evidence for “what’s that?” — Infant explanation Importance — I consider this exceptionally clear evidence that Peggy understands the meaning of the question “What’s that?” I judge it important because it is a general request for information sufficient to meet another’s criterion. Her first attempted answer, pointing to the scar, is a sort …

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3V0541.01 Scars: scrape on floor analogous to scar on her own body. Comprehension evidence for “what’s that?” Explaining. (7/17/79) Raising beams for the living room ceiling led to a lot of furniture moving. At one point, a pebble caught under the couch, scraped across the floor and left a wide (1/4″) and long (14″) scar …

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3V0538.01 [read the story]: real importance of communication; (7/14/79) The little golden book version of Madeline was brought out today. Miriam attempted to read it to Peggy. Peggy’s attention soon wandered [she perhaps did not feel great either, being sick with roseola; the fever had gone and the rash was come] and she fussed at …

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3V0536.01 More words and situations: “Give this to dada” vs. “dada have that”; language role in microworld selection: role genetically prior to terminal specification though it recedes to discourse level feature (CENTRAL IDEA) (7/12/79) Miriam sat across the dining room table unable to bring me something I wanted (a magazine, perhaps). She directed Peggy, “Give …

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3V0535.01 Ant versus bug: preferred name for a shared referent (7/11/79) Today at the beach I surprised Peggy by a sudden leap — I had caught sight of a plant near my foot and thought at first it was a wasp. I explained that I thought I had seen a bug, but it was only …

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3V0534.01 Words and situations: trash can-words, like things seen can be unconsidered (cf. notes # for problem solving analogy) (7/10/79) A little exploration following Chomsky’s advice that you can probe language understanding (only) by examining the interpretation of nonsense — Gretchen’s “snuggle gruggle” shows how easy it is to over interpret language understanding on the …

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3V0531.01 COUNTING: beginning of notes. Cookies, hands, and counting (7/7/79) During interviews at IBM, Moshe Zloof raised the question of whether or not, in effect, counting is innate. I told him the question was a big one about which I felt no one could speak with authority but that I had very strong prejudices. As …

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3V0528.01 Naming [shoe]#3. Silly instruction? “Right, that’s a shoe and you put it on your head” [foot]…[but = clasp] (7/4/79) This morning Peggy played in the bedroom as I sat in my chair. Peggy picked up one of Gretchen’s white sandals and said [shoe]. Gretchen asked if I heard. I said so and then to …

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3V0527.01 Spontaneous naming [shoe] (2 different examples) (7/3/79) This morning before breakfast Peggy was playing in our room. She picked up one of Bob’s moccasins and said, “Shoe.” Shortly thereafter she picked up one of his deck shoes and repeated, “Shoe.” Gretchen.


3V0524.01 Pragmatics and names [bring me the snuggle gruggle] (6/30/79) Peggy was playing with a large ball. At one point, when it was not in her possession and she had been distracted by something, I said to her, “Peggy, bring me the snuggle gruggle.” Without hesitation she went over to the ball, picked it up, …

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3V0522.01 Tirades disappeared; “comments” instead (6/28/79) What happened to the ‘tirades’ and recording of them? The attempt at recording failed because they dropped out of Peggy’s behavior — rather, they took a reduced form which is more appropriate to call “comments.” The characteristic of a comment is its length — typically two or three sentences …

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3V0520.01 Naming with pointing at pictures; alternating car, dog (6/26/79) Miriam and Peggy were looking at a book by Richard Scary. Peggy pointed to a picture of a dog driving a car. Miriam said, “Car.” Peggy pointed again. “Car.” And again. “Car.” About the fourth or fifth repetition, Miriam was bored and tired of repetition. …

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3V0518.01 Naming with pointing [car] (6/24/79) Driving in her car seat, Peggy named a car [ka] with pointing simultaneously. Gretchen.


3V0517.01 Feeding the dog [Scurry…he eaten’] spontaneous production (6/23/79) Food is one thing Scurry and Peggy have in common. Scurry follows Peg about picking up crumbs, claiming whatever falls and is neglected, and even receiving an occasional handout. Peggy, however, takes food from Scurry as well as gives it to her. Thus, it is no …

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3V0516.02 Concrete pipe: putting in (6/22/79) Peggy often rides with Miriam and me down to the Cox school to pick up Robby after soccer practice. Beside the soccer field is a play area for the older children.. One object is an 8 foot long concrete pipe of 4 foot diameter. Peggy was obvious(ly) fascinated by …

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3V0516.01 Naming cars; relation of teaching and exploration (6/22/79) Riding Back from graduation at MIT, Peggy frequently pointed at trucks passing in the opposite direction with her squeals of delight. We named them for [her] “truck,” “van.” We all over subsequent days continued this on local trips where the distinction was often made between trucks …

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3V0513.01 Sentence completion (6/19/79) “Peggy, do you want to get…?” This question I addressed to her while she stood in her high chair. Peggy responded /dau/. No big surprise. The point is raising this question to salience. What minor changes of our speech patterns can we introduce that will permit us to better probe Peggy’s …

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3V0509.01 Writing on a paper bag (6/15/79) Peggy was running around our bedroom with an open pen. I told her not to write on her clothes and suggested that she could draw on a paper bag that lay on the floor. Pointing to it, I said [something like] “You can use that paper bag there …

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3V0508.01 Over the head: what it means to Peggy (6/14/79) Putting cloth objects especially (but others as well) over the top of the head and down about her neck has become one of Peggy’s favorite activities. This leapt to prominence in our eyes with her wandering from the living room into the kitchen with a …

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3V0503.01 [Who have that?] role of pragmatics; example for analysis (6/9/79) Miriam, sitting at the table, had left a pair of shoes across the kitchen despite my asking her to pick them up. When I called them to her attention and we talked about the shoes, Peggy picked up one and carried it over to …

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3V0502.03 TIRADES; issue: forming technical terms for phenomena appearing in observations (6/8/79) Tirades — I am introducing this word as a technical term in the sense in which it appears in French and Italian drama. The tirade is a long speech or declamatory passage by a single actor directed to an audience but not to …

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3V0502.02 Pure verbal interpretation overwhelms context: 6/08/79 Pick up Foxy The older children have a bad habit (likely picked up from me) of dropping wherever they are whatever they have no further need of. when I try to get them to pick up after themselves they complain “I didn’t have that” or “Shouldn’t (the other …

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3V0502.01 Trash can: comprehension and generalization Peggy comes to pick at the contents of my writing table whenever she is in my bedroom. (Just now she took a box of chalk and complained vociferously when I retrieved it from her). Today she found the cap of a beer bottle and picked it up. I asked …

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3V0498.01 In Boston for MIT graduation (6/04-5/79) This was our trip to Boston for Bob’s graduation from MIT. We all got up at 5 am, to drive to Boston by 9. Peggy was left at the child care service in McCormack Hall while the rest of us went to Killian Court. She behaved very well, …

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3V0497.01 Comprehends [Daddy have the brush]; she gets it (6/3/79) Peggy comes in the bathroom whenever I take a bath. She likes me to wind up a little plastic duck and let it paddle about in the water. Today after watching the duck, she picked up a hair brush from the side of the tub, …

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3V0495.05 Foxy Coming around the corner of the butcher block, when I called her because of a splashing noise, Peggy hove into view carrying her toy fox. I asked her if she had been ” giving Foxy a drink” She dropped it in my lap and said “Fox.”


3V0495.04 “Who’s Peggy?” (She points to herself: [That]) (6/1/79) Later Peggy sat in my lap. Among other games, I asked her, “Who’s Peggy?” She replied by raising her right hand behind her ear, with her forefinger extended, and touched her head, saying “That” very definitely.


3V0495.03 Putting herself into things: hats and more (6/01/79) Peggy has played with Robby’s Boston Red Sox protective helmet. The children or I place it on her head when she brings it to us – and replace it when it falls off, as it always does. Peggy extracted a large colander from those low shelves, …

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3V0495.02 Pretending; incorrect choice as a joke (6/01/79) Late in the afternoon I found myself waiting at home for two telephone calls while Gretchen took the cub scouts on a trip. Peggy played in my care and during the hour and more the following incidents occurred: Pretending: Peggy of pulls dishes and other utensils from …

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3V0495.01 Spills: Peggy mopping them up (6/1/79) Spills, of course, are common with Peggy. Today she got some milk on the floor. Somehow she got a towel (probably a regular cloth one from the refrigerator door handle) and mopped at the spills on the floor. We gave her a paper towel to work with. thereafter, …

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3V0494.02 [That’s a good girl] (5/31/79) I was working in the kitchen. Peggy went around to the stairs, rattled the gate (I don’t know if it was open or closed), then said quite slowly and distinctly “That’s a good gir-l” (making two syllables of the last word). Gretchen.


3V0494.01 Speech as intensifier of interactions; interrelations of idioms, names, prosodics (5/31/79) HOW’S THAT? (cf. toe grabbing, 5/22) — Peggy continues to grab my foot and shake it when I prop one leg up over the other. She laughs delightedly whenever I cry out in surprise and mock distress /ah ah/. Sometimes I don’t respond …

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3V0493.01 Fragmentary sound knowledge contrast to prosodics (5/30/79) Diaper = /dai/ — Peggy needed changing this morning — so I believed — and Gretchen upstairs agreed to do it. Peggy was complaining loudly, toddling around and smacking her plastic pants. To make certain, I asked, “What do you want, Peggy?” She replied [die] (/dai/) and …

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3V0492.01 New Car Seat Opens up Peggy’s World (5/29/79) Ever since the children got some real bargains at a tag sale last summer, they have been followers of local tag sales. They take whatever cash they can scrape up and spend it all, giving away their loot in case they can not imagine a use …

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3V0491.02 [Mommom, mo] (05/28/79) Waving her milk cup at me, Peggy said, “Mommom, mo’.” (unclear if that last meant ‘more’ or ‘milk’)


3V0491.01 Peggy hiding by closing her eyes; no sense of how others see her (5/28/79) Peggy likes to hide and play chase. The way she hides is reminiscent of playing peek-a-book [sic]. She will run to the corner of a wall and its perpendicular projection and put her head in the corner. When I cry …

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