3V0804.01 Directed speech (4/5/80)

I consider the appearance of this phenomenon one of the most striking
evidences of the elevation of control.

Several days ago, Peggy approached me with her favorite toy, “Bear
Hug.” She said to me, “Say ‘Hi bear’.” I did as she asked. This was
repeated a few times, with Scurry as the target.

Today Peggy came in the bath room while I was in the tub. She put her
boats in my bath, splashed around and so forth, then decided to leave.
She said to me, “Say ‘Good-bye Peggy’.” I complied. She left, saying,
“See you later.”

In Peggy’s direction, initiation of the protocol by the “second” actor
(from her point of view), she clearly exhibits a level of explicit control
supervising the execution of this very simple exchange.

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