Analysis: Mastery of the Ring Tower Puzzle: index to clips/Notes


Summary Table of Standard Objects and their Uses


Peggy Study, Panel P039 Themes: Communication, Object Exploration, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: 10/23/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P039A1 In the High Chair, 27mb P039A2 In the High Chair, 22mb P039B Interlude, 2mb P039C1 In the Walker, 28mb P039C2 In the Walker, 21mb P039D High Chair Again 24mb P039E …

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Peggy Study, Panel P037 Themes: Communication, Object Exploration, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: 10/9/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P37A1 Miriam and Peggy, 26mb P37A2 Vocal Imitation, 4mb P37B Rob and Peggy, 21mb P37C1 Feeding Peggy, 16mb P37C2 Feeding Peggy, 14mb P37D Instruction with GPL, 4mb P37E1 Objects on the …

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Peggy Study, Panel P038 Themes: Playpen and Car Seat as context, Functionalal and Standard Objects, solitary Vocal Behavior Source: (Lawler); date: 10/16/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P38A1 Playpen: Ring Tower, 18mb P38A2 Playpen: Standard Objects, 19mb P38A3 Playpen: Standard Objects, 20mb P38A4 Playpen: Vocalization, 20mb P38A5 Playpen: Ejections, 12mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P051 Themes: Reading Interactions, Everyday Activities, Object Development Source: (Lawler); date: 1/15/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show developmental state approaching one year; with many examples of vocal, pre-verbal communication P51A1 Reading w/GPL, 33mb P51A2 Reading w/Miriam, 18mb P51A3 Reading w/Robby, 10mb P51B Putting-in a Cup Lid, HC, 24mb P51C Over the …

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Peggy Study, Panel P048 Themes: New Toys, Object Exploration, Books as Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 12/25/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Peggy largely on her own, interacting with new things. P48A1 Christmas Toys, 26mb P48A2 Christmas Toys, 19mb P48A3 Christmas Toys, 10mb P48B with Toy Dog, 11mb P48C Book, then back to Toys, 11mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P047 Themes: Communication, Object Exploration, Physical Development (walking with an aid) Source: (Lawler); date: 12/17/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips focus on communication and object exploration P47A Requesting things, 8mb P47B1 Naming, with GPL, 19mb P47B2 Naming, with GPL, 21mb P47C Everyday Objects, 25mb P47D1 Standard Objects, 7mb P47D2 Response to “No!”, …

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Peggy Study, Panel P046 Themes: Social Interactions, Object Exploration, Physical Development Source: (Lawler); date: Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P46A1 Box with Blocks, 11mb P46A2 Box with Blocks, 24mb P46B Playing Ball with Miriam, 6mb P46C Walking with a Table, 10mb P46D1 Nesting Boxes, 17mb P46D2 Nesting Boxes, 14mb P46E1 …

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Peggy Study, Panel P043 Themes: Communication, Object Play, Family Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 11/19/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P43A1 Box & Blocks, with Miriam, 16mb P43A2 Box & Blocks, with Miriam, 19mb P43B Talk & Pipe-play, with Bob, 19mb P43C Body Part Names & walking, with GPL, 24mb P43D …

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Peggy Study, Panel P45 Themes: Communication, Object Exploration, Family Intereactions Source: (Lawler); date: 12/2/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show pre-verbal communication, early object exploration, and family interactions. P45A Communication, 13mb P45B In the Walker, with Robby, 16mb P45C1 Nesting Boxes & Blocks, 17mb P45C2 Nesting Boxes & Blocks, 21mb P45D Box with Blocks, 29mb …

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Pointing and Talking, Object Knowledge, Book related behavior


Communication & Pointing, Object Exploration, Family Interactions


Pointing/Communication, Object Exploration


Language Development, pre-Pointing, Object Exploration


Social Interactions & Communication, Object Exploration, Physical Development


P040, Peggy at 9 months (video): feeding Peggy, object choice; pipe-play “talk” (Bob); rolling with and without mirror; standard objects.


Communication, Object Exploration, Social Interactions


Peggy Study, Panel P035 Themes: Early Language Interactions, Object Exploration, a Typical Feeding SItuation Source: (Lawler); date: 9/24/1978 Title: Text commentary: These early clips show Peggy can be engaged in vocal communication; they help define a baseline for language development. The early play with objects on the floor has and has had the same purpose. …

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Peggy Study, Video P030 Themes: Object Knowledge, pre-Language Communication Source: (Lawler); date: 8/20/1978 Title: Text commentary: This panel is an attempt to use directly for this archive material edited earlier. The quality of the clips may be inadequate. This failing will be remedied eventually by returning to earlier sources and reproducing this clips with better …

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P026, Peggy at 6 months (video): before conversation (Bob); mirror Baby; using a spoon; objects on the floor; sibling interactions.


P018: the cast (video): introducing infant Peggy, Mom (GPL), Sibs (Rob, Miriam), Pet (Scurry). Peggy’s local world.


3V0361.03 Peggy Bites. 01/18/79 SURPRISE — Some time about the beginning of this week Peggy bit me. She was standing facing me, grasping my legs to support herself. Suddenly [with no provocation] and apparently deliberately she brought her head over and nipped the left side of my left leg just above the knee. I could …

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3V0361.02 Tantrums 1/18/79 TANTRUMS — Peggy has begun to show behavior that I would call tantrums. Typically she is in her highchair, trying to communicate something. As she gets more excited, her verbalizing becomes continuous and insistent. Offered things she does not want, she will grasp them with one hand and toss them over the …

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3V0361.01 Two words 01/18/79 TWO WORDS — Peggy has long joined /thaet/ with pointing to call another’s attention to some out-of-reach object. We usually interpret this to mean that she wants to either eat, touch, or mouth the object. Peggy likes to take things to herself — cookies or picture frames. The smaller ones we …

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3V0358.01 Over the Head — body awareness (1/15/79) Peggy has been passing objects behind her for some time (this appears in notes and on video tape). One early attempt with her rattle on a string was to get it over her head. She now does this regularly with whatever is remotely suitable – e.g. the …

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3V0357.02 Reading 1/14/79 READING — When I tired of pipe play and put them away, Peggy pointed to the book about puppies Miriam has given her. Peggy played contentedly for a minute or a few — then she gave the book to me. I thanked her, admired the book, and returned it to her. She …

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3V0357.01 Putting into. 01/14/79 PUTTING IN — As Peggy sat in her high chair I pointed out to Gretchen how much now Peggy had mastered “putting-in”. First she put her curved spoon in her cup’s cap, removed it, and then she did the same with a pipe stem I had given her to play with. …

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3V0355.03 Picture Gallery: extensive discussion: 01/12/79 The change in Peggy’s behavior after I mounted our collection of children’s pictures in the bedroom was so profound it marks a watershed in her development. Let me elaborate, and begin by describing that collection of pictures. When Robby was young, I bought a Nikon 35 mm camera and …

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3V0355.02 Teasing Bob (1/12/79) Yesterday, Peggy and I played on the spare basement bed. We traded pipe stems. I gave Peggy my pipe stem. She chewed on it then gave it back. Saying “thank you”, I nibbled at it and returned it, “Here.” This was repeated several times. Then Peggy, on giving the pipe stem …

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3V0355.01 Putting into: 01/12/79 After last week’s videotape, wherein Peggy, for the first time, explored putting into of sticks to a cup, I have become more sensitive to her extensions of this exploration – at the table: Peggy’s juice cup has a recessed lid with nipple. I have seen her repeatedly take a cookie, put …

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3V0354.04 Putting Into (1/11/79) This evening Peggy was playing in our bedroom with a bead bracelet. Spying Bob’s big work boots, she dropped the bracelet into one of them then pulled it over and looked in. As she pulled, the boot tipped and the bracelet slid towards the toe, so she could not see it …

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3V0354.03 Walking (1/11/79) By now, Peggy can, under favorable circumstances stand alone unsupported for as long as several seconds. she has also (yesterday) walked several steps, being help only by one hand. In the walker, she has become a terror, running to gain speed, then sliding across the floor (occasionally pushing as on a scooter) …

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3V0354.01 Functional Application: using a comb (1/11/78) A day or so ago, I washed Peggy’s hair. As I could not find her little brush, I had to use a comb and a regular baby brush. I used the latter while Peggy held the former. She chewed on it a bit, then held one end and …

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3V0354.02 Doctor Visit (1/11/79) Peggy went to see Dr. Merman on the 2nd. He found her to be in good shape, but on the small side. At 17 lbs. 13 oz. and 28 inches, she is in the 10th percentile for weight and the 25th for height. Except for the first month, in which she …

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3V0351.01 Comprehension limitations.01/08/79 COMPREHENSION LIMITATIONS — Right before New Year, Bob got the dishwasher repaired and reinstalled. Saturday [?] morning it was running for the first time in 10 days. Coming into the kitchen with Peggy, I listened to the sounds and murmured, “Hurray for the dishwasher.” Peggy immediately raised her hands to her head …

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3V0344.02 Picture Gallery (a major beginning, vision) Bob put up our file of baby pictures on the wall over the holidays. Peggy immediately noticed their presence. She holds out her [right] hand to them, saying “Da!” and is pleased to be held up close to view them. While we were filming our videotape today, she …

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3V0344.01 Words (foot) 01/01/79 WORDS — I have been saying to Peggy “Where’s your foot?” and she will respond more or less quickly, holding up her foot, pointing, and saying “Da!” “Hand” generally brings out clapping. “Nose” pointing, or more often grabbing for my nose.


3V0337.01 Christmas (12/25/78) Peggy received a few presents today — some new, some hand-me-downs. she didn’t understand the opening of packages. Peggy chewed on her new rattle and dish, but most seemed to enjoy chewing on the box which contained the rattle. The tree with its hanging ornaments caught her attention most — especially the …

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3V0335.02 Trapped fingers again (12/23/78) Once again the box got her. Gretchen and I are beginning to be surprised that she can’t solve the problem (ie. fingers caught between lid and sides of the box; second hand leaning on the lid.)


3V0335.01 Naming (Daddy’s nose grabbed – comprehension evidence) (12/23/78) NAMING — I lay in bed this morning during Peggy’s early morning feeding. When she had finished nursing, Gretchen put Peggy down between us. They played together for a while, talking about noses. Then Gretchen asked, “Where’s Daddy’s nose?” Peggy turned around and grabbed my nose. …

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3V0331.01 Pointing and Naming. Comprehension evidence. 12/19 POINTING AND NAMING — Today I asked Peggy, “Where’s Peggy’s NOSE?” She brought her hand up to my nose [I don’t remember if she pointed; I think it was the whole hand] and very decisively said, “Da!” NOSE appeared to be the operative word.


3V0329.02 Reflections on putting (12/17/78) If Peggy has yet to distinguish the interior of objects from the surfaces (in the sense of not understanding hollowness, how can it make sense to say that she is putting one thing ONTO or INTO another ? What is required is an imputation of a goal to her — …

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3V0329.01 Pointing and imperative /dae/. Social rich interpretation. 12/17/78 POINTING AND NAMING — Over the last several days Peggy has been VERY cranky. She always wants to be picked up and makes this clear in two ways: she whines or cries; she crawls over and climbs up on your leg. New teeth are definitely coming …

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3V0327.03 Trapped fingers bug manifest again (12/15/78) BLOCK BOX TRAP — Playing on the bedroom floor just now, Peggy got two fingers trapped in the [block] box. She could not get them free because she was leaning on the lid with the other hand. This has happened to her a number of times over the …

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3V0327.02 Helen Keller as archetype (12/15/78) Helen Keller situation as extreme exemplar of every infant’s plight.


3V0327.01 Imitation game, Gretchen and Peggy. (12/15/78) IMITATION GAME — Several days ago Peggy and I were playing a familiar game as she sat in her high chair. Peggy would beat on the tray with the flat of her palm somewhere between two and seven times, then wait for me to repeat what she had …

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3V0321.02 Putting on and Putting into (12/09/78) Yesterday I sat Peggy down on the bedroom floor and pointed out the toys. Her blocks box was there, and I opened it up for her. It was empty. Peggy looked, and immediately grabbed a block off the floor and plunked it into the box. True, she picked …

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3V0321.01 Peggy Walking Solo, with tea table as crutch (12/09/78) Last night the entire family sat in the living room. Gretchen searched through old files to locate our Encyclopedia Brittanica futures contract; I worried about why the fireplace was smoking (a backdraft through the still open bedroom fireplace chimney). I don’t know — none of …

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3V0317.01 Temporal advancement of “thank you” to a command. 12/05 NO “THANK YOU” — Peggy’s use of the pattern has proved transient. She no longer says anything when given my pipe or a cookie or whatever. But the passing of the phrase was marked by an interesting transition shown in only a single incident: Peggy …

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