3V0718.02 Tirades: reappearance as singing (cf. P103-105); talking to Scurry. (1/10/80)

Failing earlier to capture Peggy’s tirades mechanically, I’ve been
delighted to find this behavior re-emerge. The most striking example
appeared as Peggy led Scurry around the house on the leash. She spent
considerable time yammering at Scurry as she took her on this inside
walk. Similarly, Peggy has begun singing very openly (and noisily). Her
tune is most various but her words are recognizable — they usually
include (occasionally) “Morning Dew” and “Monkey Zoo” and thus
recognizably classify the tirades as songs. The burden of singing seems
to be repetitions of “Oh no.” Some of Peggy’s singing has been
captured on videotapes P103-P105.

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