Peggy Study, Panel P126 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: 6/22/1980 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P126A1 Reading: Shapes, 19mb P126A2 Reading: Shapes, 18mb P126A3 Reading: Words, 17mb P126B1 Standard Objects, 19mb P126B2 Standard Objects, 19mb P126C Drawing with Miriam, 18mb P126D Counting Blocks, 23mb


3V0880.01 Reading” two words: [That say ‘no’. (in No more tangles)] (6/28/80 and earlier) Miriam reported to me two incidents occurring during my five days in Boston. First, she tricked Peggy. Pointing to the word “No” on the container of “No More Tangles,” Miriam asked if she could read it. Peggy said, “No.” Miriam congratulated …

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3V0882.03 Reading as VERY specific knowledge: The Calculus Affair (6/22/80) Peggy climbed into a chair with the Tintin book unopened. Pointing to the title on the cover she asked “What’s that name, way up there?” “Calculus,” I answered. Pointing a little lower, she asked, “What’s that name?” My answer was “affair” and finally “The” when …

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3V0882.02 Counting: pauses at places where sequence goes wrong (6/22/80) Peggy was up late last night. Around eleven o’clock, while Robby played with Miriam, I heard Peggy counting to herself: “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven,…eight,…twelve,…nine… ” (where the dots represent short pauses).


3V0882.01 More on “crack” and “bang”: [It DOES say ‘crack’] (6/21/80) Peggy sits across the room from me, reading “The Calculus Affair.” A few moments ago she read at the end of the book, “I love him and that one. I love Snowy and Captain Hack-uck.” (pointing at the pictures) I agreed Snowy was a …

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