3V0174.01 How Peggy rolls over (7/15/78)

I saw Peggy roll over today in a way revealing of what must be the typical situation. Laying on her stomach with one arm clenched at her right shoulder, Peggy reached out with her left hand for charley, her toy bear. Charley was way beyond Peggy’s grasp. She was obviously frustrated and making incipient crying noises. While reaching again for Charley, she dug in her left foot with the leg flexed (as though trying to crawl forward — which she does not yet do )/. When she straightened her left leg, Peggy rolled over, pivoting on her right hip. Flopping on her back, Peggy appeared to be surprised, startled even, but didn’t cry, smiling instead when she recognized me. I put her back on her belly and brought Charley in reach.

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