3V1218.01 Spelling a second word: “loadshapes” after “load” (5/24/81)

My cassette files are set up with procedures stored before shapes. The first are accessed by ‘LOAD’ and the second by ‘LOADSHAPES.’ Since Peggy had insisted on typing LOAD wherever possible, I have HAD to instruct her to discriminate between the two words so that her eagerness didn’t lead us into trying to LOAD when LOADSHAPES was appropriate. My instruction was simple, “You type LOAD, but I will type the rest of this different word.” Now Peggy, at the correct place in the loading routine either begins typing the continuation (with “SH” so far) or asks me to type the “other part” of the word. This is clearly a case where instruction plays a function which I know is necessary and which Peggy can also accept as necessary for her to play as large a role as she is capable of.

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