3V0811.04 Surprising syngnosticity (4/12/80)

Peggy’s toy elephant she names “Arroot.” Miriam received as a
birthday present a pig hand-puppet which Peggy very much admires.
She asked the name and Miriam called it “Alfred,” since which Peggy
has been chasing and pestering her for “My arroot.”

The resolution a half hour later: Peggy came in the study with Alfred
on her arm. She said, “Say ‘Hi Arroot’.” I did so.
P: “Peggy’s Arroot.”
B: No. That’s Mimi’s Arroot.
She still asserted, “Peggy’s Arroot.”
I persisted. “Mimi’s Arroot.”
Peggy then said, “I love Peggy’s Arroot,” thrummed and ran out to
Miriam, asking her to take the “arroot.” As she entered the study,
I asked her where her Arroot was. she shrugged her shoulders, tried the
toy box, and found it. Digging out the Arroot, she said, “It’s Mimi’s, my

This seems to be the incident where she distinguished between two
pink, lovable things named “Arroot” — not before. This is remarkable
if true, because they are so dissimilar in appearance and use.
This raises the question of how precise need be the descriptions Peggy
uses or needs to function well.

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