Peggy Study, Panel P137 Themes: Legos, Colored Blocks, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 9/7/1980 Title: Text commentary: These clips show integration of objects and toy-people play; introduction of a new toy (colored blocks); sound augmented 33% P137A1 Legos & Toy People, 17mb P137A2 Legos & Toy People, 30mb P137B1 Colored Blocks, 29mb P137B2 Colored Blocks, …

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3V0965.01 BANG and RING: extending word knowledge (9/13/80) Peggy can recognize these two words as distinct. She clambered onto my bed this evening, asking me to read her a Tintin story. We came, inter alia, across several “bangs” to which Peggy remarked, “That say, ‘BANG’.” As we read on, we came to a picture of …

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3V0961.01 An old joke, naturally arising – the “wrong feet”: (9/9/80) Peggy was putting on her shoes for herself. As she began to put one on, I said, “Peggy, you’re putting your shoes on the wrong feet.” She came back with the classic remark, “These are my feet.”