3V0728.03 [take X] Central note on syntax development: Anchored on verb “take”; following agent is variable. The phrases (sentences) made of two
elements; they have internal pauses deleted. (1/20/80)

Miriam brought to my attention today what I expect to be primary
evidence for the pause deletion development of Peggy’s speech. Miriam
reported that Peggy was pulling Scurry around by her leash and said,
‘Take Mimi. Take Mommy. Take Robby. Take Daddy.’ talking to
herself. This production is anchored on the verb ‘take’ and varied by
the object of the verb. The phrase is clearly made of two elements and
is one I interpret as variablizing, explicitly and consciously, the
contexts in which the verb may be used. I call this anchoring with
variation. What is most striking is that these phrases have internal
pauses deleted, and thus they have more the appearance of phrases
(about whose structure one may inquire) than of sequences of
disconnected words. This anchoring with variation seems to have
appeared first with the use of ‘bye’ as Gretchen will describe it.

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